Looking for tips to luanching and setup for manual gearboxes at the drag strip


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May 7, 2010
Anderson, South Carolina, United States
Im still on 275/40r17 nitto 555 tires. ive tried airing down to nearly 15psi and still maintaned 60fts of 1.9sec and 1/8th mile times of 8.3sec with 95mph

I understand autos have a tremendous advantage over the stick but im close to buying a set of 15'' or 16'' wheels with Mickey tompsons street radials and setting up anti lag to get out of the hole.

also fighting wheel hop. i read the sticky and i see that the track bars can cause this so i bought battle version track bars and tein master control coilover and set them to soft in the rear on my drag nights.

the r154 was rebuilt with MC upgrades but finding 3rd seems difficult. here lately 2nd seems to lock itself out too. i see other are having good luck with redline's shockproof fluid as i am using their 75-90w fluid.

just looking for some tips on other experience to see that im on the right path.