KKK turbo question.


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Apr 20, 2014
Los Angeles
So ive had this turbo for quite some time now. I cant seem to find the specifications on the size of it. The turbo it self has 3 serials on it. One on the Compressor housing, one on the bearing housing, and one on the turbine housing.

Hear are the serials

Compressor housing
Serial: 5232 101 50 96 J
(Right under it)
15 0032/2531 with a weird symbol then a 9

The bearing housing serial:
4LGZ-352C30 22
83 087 0925
5232 970 3274

The turbine housing serial:
GGG40 N (looks like an H) then 6
5232 101 6576 I

If someone can provide me with the specs to this turbo that be great.

Here are some pictures of the turbo.