Kawasaki 636 Paint Fade (show and tell)


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Sep 9, 2007
Baltimore County, Maryland
A co-worker of mine has a 2005 or 06 Kawasaki 636. He has all the plastics off to have painted and was thinking about sticker bombing his tank. (not being a fan of sticker bombs) I suggested that he not do so as the white paint job he was looking to get done would look great as is and the stickers would not compliment it at all on just the tank. He insisted he wanted somthing original and off the wall. I thought for a few seconds and then suggested if your hell bent on sticker bomb then why not SB the top (tank tail and front) then do a paint fade from white to the SB with a clear coat over everything. I could see the gears turning and I offered to do a photo edit to see what it would look like. I actually liked the outcome and wanted to share.

Now onto the mechanics, I used a total of 3 layers and one layer mask. Base is the original, then a layer that contains a copy of just the plastics (with contrast modified to show shadows better), then a layer of sticker bombs (opacity tuned down to still show detail and color but lets some of the shadows through from the second layer). The layer mask went on the SB layer, thats where the fade came into play, I also used a displace to get the stickers to "wrap" around the plastic contours (tough to see everywhere because the SB is so busy, but it did workout well).

The original idea, looks weird and out of place:

My original idea, like I said, this one I dig:

Alternate 1:


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Mar 26, 2006
I'm with the other guys, it flows with the bike the best. Looks pretty cool to boot! :)