Just passed the 160k mark, what a ride


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Nov 24, 2018
Bought the Supra back in 2002 with 86k on her, my first car purchase as a new young adult, and she's stayed with me ever since. Since then she's been up and down the western states a few times, crossed the border into Canada, and followed me across the ocean to Hawaii.

When I first picked her up my father and I resealed most of the head including putting in a new OEM head gasket and a bunch of other maintenance items like a new water pump and timing belt. Since we weren't really sure how to work with the valves (and local dealerships refused to work on a head that was already removed from the block) we kept the original seals and shims so she's always had a bit of a tap and burned a bit of oil, but it just became something routine for me to keep tabs on and make sure the oil level's at a good place on the weekend.

Almost sold her a couple of times, usually when a new vehicle joined the roster, but I just couldn't let her go. Too many memories, too many stories, and really not a good reason TO sell her since she just keeps on running so well and wasn't costing me much to keep around.

I'm excited about the future for the Supra, worked hard to get to a place where I have some disposable income and another vehicle to afford me the time I need to work on her. Been snagging bits and pieces here and there lately to fix lingering issues and tidy things up. New shifter bushings and knob, replacement interior pieces, rebuilt power steering pump, all these have made the car just feel so much better lately and I love driving her around. I actually get MUCH more attention and people wanting to chat in the Supra than in my BRZ tS with it's giganto wing. I have some pretty big items on the horizon, A/C R134 conversion (thanks JDMMA70 for your write up!), suspension rebuild front/rear, and a good amount of body work patching to stave back the impact of the salty Hawaiian ocean air, but they're all things I can't wait to tackle.

Here's to the next 160k...if I can even find enough road out here to drive that far!


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Nov 18, 2006
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Congradulations on reaching that milestone. It is very nice when you had it for that long and know what has been done to it especially when you preform the work on it too. I wish you the best for many more fun cruising miles in the future.