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Apr 6, 2005
As a matter of introduction, ECUMaster USA is the North American distributor for ECUMaster products, and a distributor for sensors and related products from our parent company, WHP. ECUMaster manufactures piggyback and standalone engine management products and we have plug and play products for 1JZ, 2JZ and 7M applications. We'll go into much more detail regarding our products in upcoming threads and videos, but general details are available at or

Who are we, really? My name is Zach Denney and I'm the president of both ECUMaster USA and WHP. I've owned my 1990 Mk3 Supra for nearly 14 years now and have been an active part of the Supra community for that same amount of time. I've worked on anything from vintage Lotus and Austin Healey racing cars to spending several years working on Mk4 Supras full time.

We're glad to have a place on this forum and hope to encourage learning, as well as increase awareness and support for our products. We have comprehensive solutions for anything from a bolt-on 7M-GE to a 4 digit 3.4 stroker 2JZ drag car, we're here if you have any questions!

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