I need Help finding a R154 Speedometer gear and assembly


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Oct 18, 2015
South Carolina
HI, this is my first post on supramania.
So way back, years and years ago when I bought a r154 transmission for my MKIII Supra project, after I got the transmission home, the guy I bought it from asked if I would trade speedometer gear assemblies with him. He needed the gear that matches up with the 3.9 rear gear differential. I was cool with that because I had the 3.73 gear differential and actually needed the one he said he had. Anyways, I sent him mine. He never sent me his. That was years ago now and didn't think these parts would be so hard to get a hold of. so I just recently got this project on the road and found out just how hard it can be to spare r154 parts. and it makes sense I guess...the r154 is desirable enough that anybody who has one that breaks is gonna rebuild and re-use. This all being said, If anyone has these parts laying around or knows what I can do to find what I need, any help would be much muCH MUCH appreciated. What I need is the speedometer gear for the 3.73 Rear gear ('89-'91 cars I think)that goes in the r154, the piece that holds the gear, and the fork and bolt that hold everything down. Thanks for all and any help with this!!!