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Jul 3, 2014
morrow ga
I have a over heating problem thats kicking my behind. I blow a head gaskets a few months ago. it was beyond millin so i had another head from the first engine an had that one checked for warpage. it check good so i installed it an thought i was back on the road. well it started runnin hot hot soon after. well this time i did a compression test an it show that there was NO compression on the number three cyl. Well i get another head gasket an do the hold process again hope it was jus a back gasket. Well i'm still having the same over heating problem. theres no oil water mixing an i have did the compress test again. I've made sure the cool sys was flushed an the water pump is showing good flow. I added an electric fan. I'm so lost now that I'm thinking about selling my baby:: angry :: but if someone an give me some other ideas or things to look for to over come thing, i'm down wit it. Oh an it has a new rad cap an i'm not runnin a themo. Please help me out if you can it would my my life alot better.


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Apr 17, 2007
did you take out the stock fan? If so put it back.

Also did you have either head machined or pressure checked for cracks?

And what brand head gasket did you use?

And what did you torque the head bolts to?