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Jan 15, 2019
Top 4 top-rated role-playing games you will not want to miss

No matter who you are, if you own an Android device, there are a lot of fascinating things to explore. A ton of attractive games available on the Android store are waiting for you to discover. Among so many game

genres, role-playing games always have special appeal to players in which they can control the actions of a character in a fantasy world. If you are looking for great role-playing games to play in free time, check the

following list and enjoy.

Mage and Minions

Mage and Minions is considered one of the most attractive role-playing games developed by Making Fun. Like other games of the same genre, in Mage and Minions, the player will be playing the role of a superhero

who possesses a variety of weapons and super powers. Players must go to the mysterious and scary areas filled with zombies, battle skeletons, monsters, aliens and many other creatures, fight and destroy their

strongholds. Mage and Minions offers many playing modes with many levels from easy to difficult ones. Discover dark caves, dense forests, snowy mountains and try to loot as many items as possible. With

impressive graphics and engaging gameplay, this game will absolutely fascinate you right away. There are both online and offline versions for you to choose from.

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Instead of taking place in imaginary lands like other role-playing games, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic will take you to a distant world of stars. It has been 4000 years since the Galactic Empire, and

hundreds of Jedi Knights have been defeated by ruthless Sith people. You are the last and only hope of Jedi knights. Can you be the hero in this fierce battle to save the Old Republic or you will be dragged by the

dark forces? Become a hero or a cruel dictator, a saviour or a ruler. It’s all up to you!

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Playing Evoland, you will participate in the adventure of a warrior - Clink. After centuries of peace, one day the ancient dark forces have once again revived, threatening all the citizens of Evolandia. Clink – one of

the last warriors of the Dragon Knights, will have to do a great mission to destroy these dark forces and bring the peace back to this land. Can you help Clink complete his task? Let’s play this game and explore

Evolandia right now!

Cross Eternal

Cross Eternal is an exciting MMO-ARPG game developed by Efun Company. It will take players into fierce battles where they must fight against aggressive zombie armies. Each character has its own functions and

skills; knowing how to use each character properly and making a good strategy are the key factors that will help you overcome all challenges in this game. Cross Eternal offers 3 races (Human, Dwarf, and Elf) and 3

character classes (Knight, Hunter, and Wizard) for you to choose. Pick up your favourite character and enter the fight against the hideous zombies now!

Here are some of the best role-playing games you should try at least once. We hope you find our list useful and have an exciting gaming experiences with these games.

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