Heading to the strip


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Jul 16, 2010
Nashville, TN
Finally going to a strip this weekend to test out my 7m. This will be my 1st time ever at a drag strip (would insert smileys but i think every single one covers my feelings haha).

Theres a first time for everything right! Not sure if i have me hopes set high or low. My 7m put down 357hp @15psi on the dyno a couple months ago. Going to bump it up to 17 for a couple of runs.

Note: This is only a 1/8th strip :( , its the closest near me that has local events. My 7m is tuned for high end so hopefully i can hook it up.

My main question is what are some numbers that most you guys run near my hp range, anything helps to know where i should at least be standing.

Sitting on eibach spings and tokico illuminas, Mk4 TT rims with nitto nt05's @ 28psi?


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Nov 29, 2008
Coon Rapids, MN
Put your boost as low as it goes until you start to get the feel of launching the car softly. Keep the boost low and slowly start to practice launching harder and harder until you find your tires' limit. Aim for something around 1.8 60" time. it's a good gauge for how well you're launching. 2.0+ is slow, but expect that (or worse) for a while- it's an art. Then go ahead and start to up the boost incrementally until you get to your highest safe boost. Not sure what to expect from your tires, I've never used them.

Most of my runs at ~450 were in the 8-9 second range in the 1/8th, with 60" times from 1.8-2.1 for the most part after 2 days of practice/racing. That was also with older ET street tires, so if you have good grip you might do as well or better! Radials do make it harder to launch with a manual trans since you shock the drivetrain on launch and that tends to break the tires loose. Take it easy and just have fun with the car. Don't play catch-up and don't try to be the best/fastest/etc.

Good luck!

edit: how that weekend ended: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_0SSWcIaQg