Fuel cut? 7mgte


New Member
Dec 4, 2018
So the engine was running awfully. when driven on the road, the speedometer was not working. i could not go past 2k rpm, and it was simply an awful experience. got to my house and jacked the car up. i revved it up slowly and it would shift through gears and everything. catch is that when it would reach 2,800 rpm, the engine would "hesitate" drop down to 1,800 rpm then start rising up until the cycle was repeated. it would go on and on when i stayed in the same gear and it was the same for every gear. in one of the times, i shifted to 4th gear, and well a huge cloud of black smoke came out from the exhaust. It has symptoms of fuel cut so ill gladly take the idiot points if im wrong as long as someone can help. Any more info needed, just let me know. thankn you!