Front door speaker, door panel, removal and replacement.


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Feb 13, 2008
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Removing and replacing your front door speaker and door panel.

  1. #1 Philips head screwdriver.
  2. Small flat head screwdriver.
  3. Electrical tape
  4. Pliers
  5. 4" speakers

TSRM reference page for the door panel removal.

My HU is stock and I plan on keeping it that way. I replaced my oem speakers with a economical pair of Pioneer TS-G1042R 4-Inch 2-Ways. Visit the Crutchfield website and see their choices for speakers that fit your specific car. Shop around or call them for a price match.

Start by wrapping some electrical tape around the tip of your flat head screwdriver. The tape will help prevent you from scratching or puncturing your plastic and leather. Lower your windows down. Pop off the speaker cover. Note the location of the screws circled in red and remove the cosmetic caps that cover the screws.

Remove the four door handle screws and disconnect the plug.

After removing the door handle use the small flat screwdriver and gently pry the lock bezel away from the door. If your lucky the metal tabs won't break. Now is a good time to try and clean all the crud behind the door handle and around the lock bezel.

Remove the screw in the bottom of the inside door handle bezel. There is a small plastic tab that bends back and allows you to lift it through the inside door handle. Replace the rusty screw later with a new one when you put it all together.

Remove the screws along the bottom and front of the door. Pull the door panel out slightly along the edges and it should pop right off. Lift the door panel up and over the door edge. Disconnect the courtesy light plug.

This is your chance to lubricate any moving parts. If you look down in between the door you can see the door lock, handle, latch mechanisms. Be careful not to lubricate the pads that the glass slides on.

Before you remove the speaker note the position of the plastic speaker cone. Remove the four screws and the speaker comes right out. The foam on the plastic cone was tacky so place that aside.

Disconnect the wires from the speakers. The terminals are different sizes so your positive and negative are taken care for your you. Before you connect your new speaker give the terminal a little squeeze or pinch as shown below. One of my terminals came right off of the speaker before I even touched it.

Place the speaker back in the door and replace the plastic cone taking note of its position. I did not replace the foam. You can add some sort of foam later by just popping off the speaker cover. Replace everything in the reverse order and don't forget to hook up the courtesy light harness. The two doors took me about two hours. I work slow and my kids helped.

The End.

So now lets talk about what went wrong. First for some reason the two metal clips on the door lock bezel broke. Both on the same door and in two different places. There is a little tab at the end that holds the bezel in the door. If it breaks off the clip wont catch. The other clip broke at the bottom where it hold or attaches to the plastic door bezel itself. Now I have to find a way to hold the bezel trim back on the door panel. Why it broke beats me. It was the second door and I did it the same way.

The second issue was a real kick in the pants. The small plastic cap that covers the screws near the door hinges popped off and fell in between the quarter panel. Son of a _itch. I had to take off or loosen the front mud flap and dig around the dirt and leaves that fell out to find the little plastic cap. Honestly I was surprised at how much dirt and leaves came out of there. Nice place for moisture and rust.



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Sep 10, 2008
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Nice post. I getting ready to replace the front speakers tomorrow. Hopefully, the clips won't break. Thanks.