FLA70 Supra Tribute Meet 2016!! ----- April 16th


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Oct 28, 2008
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I know I should have posted this a little earlier but the main details have been finalized! ALL SUPRAS ARE WELCOME!! I have been asked why last years attendance consisted of exclusively A70’s but I failed to make it clear it is open to all generations. This year we are going even further to invite our boosted siblings! This includes MR2, FRS, Celica’s, Soarer/SC, Altezza/IS, ect. You know who you are!

As more details come in I will add them.

When: APRIL 16th 2016

Where: Pre-meet in progress, PBIR @ 6:00 till close

How Much: For PBIR $25 for infield parking with FLA70. Event Shirts will be available for sale.

Expect updates.. I will add them as soon as I get them
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