Coolant Temps - Post Em Up


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Sep 29, 2006
Sydney, AU
Hi All,

I recently (few days ago) finally got the coolant temp gauge connected and I was surprised at my temperatures the 7MGTE was giving as I always thought it was low-mid 90*c+ but never really knew until I had this temp gauge connected. :)

36*c day...midday: 78-82*c

That same night: 74-78*c

I wasn't driving like a grandpa either on it here and there.

My car makes about 300hp at the crank and I have stock IC/Radiator with a K&N filter in the stock air box along with the coolant bypassing the heater tap so it's always flowing (but contrary to popular belief still cools inside and isn't blowing hot air unless you want hot).

I also have the under tray removed and do not run any interior heater fans to cool it down any extra for temp sake.

What are others running (temp wise?) with their 7M's, 1J's or 2J's.

If you could post the same format for like daytime (midday) and then a night time result, that'd be great.