Chambers Build Thread - "The Rat Soup"


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Sep 9, 2007
Baltimore County, Maryland
Just a bunch of pics from building my first 7M turbo car, "The Rat Soup". This is my ZERO EFFS GIVEN car, with BUDGET BUILD in every aspect of its journey.

I found this car on craigslist as "not running and needs engine". When I pulled the old GE engine out number 6 connecting rod decided to go on vacation and exited the block stage right. There is a nice dent on the subframe that reflects this!

I started re-building a spare GE I had laying around, low mileage but it was sitting for years outside its original car. Needless to say, it needed a lot more work then I thought. About half way through the re-build I said "EFF IT!" and decided to make it an NA-T, I knew It would have to be done while the engine was not in the car. So I started piecing things together to build the NA-T engine.