build auto trans help!


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Mar 5, 2013
It is level 10 build auto trans - driving the car only weekends - start the car and let it idle until warmed up for 3-4 min,then runs the car out of my garage(no problems),closing the garage doors and less then a min i am back in the car - now starts the problems - when i put it on reverce car wont move until i go 3500-4000 revs,then starts moving slowly and i have to keep high revs until i get it on the road,then shift to D and same problem,needs high revs to move for 50 meters(some times less) and then everything is fine.Car drives fine,shifts gears fine and the problem is gone.

City driving no problems,but if go on the highway and keep the car at 80-90 mph for 30-40 min starts burning trans oil,smokes from the back of the car,smells bad and when i stop starts leaking fluid from the trans.

it is definitely over full
cold start the lever goes up to the middle and over of the warm mark .... is this normal??
may this cause my problems in first 50 meters?

Please help!