boost wont increase


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Dec 18, 2012
i'm running a twin turbo set up and i've tried multiple ways to increase the boost and none of them are working. im only looking to run 12-13 psi for now but its running 10 psi stock. i'm running a mechanical boost gauge and a turbosmart mbc and i know the current set up i have is capable of more boost. i've tried teeing off the wastegates and compressor side of the turbo that didnt work, ive tried blocking off the compressor side and running it off intake manifold vacuum and teeing the wastegates that didnt work either and now ive tried blocking off 1 wastegate and only running 1 wastegate to the mbc and the other side off intake vacuum. also i thought that the arrow on the mbc should be pointing to the side that should be connected to the wastegate but i feel the boost hit harder when i plug that side into the intake vacuum. any help would be appreciated

this is in a 1g-gte running stock ct12 turbos