Anyone done a t56 swap?


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Aug 20, 2005
Queensland, Australia
Yep, I have a TR6060 behind my 1jz. Best mod I have done to my car. makes it so much nicer to drive, let alone being able to beat on it without fear of lunching boxes.

Swap consists of

CRS cast bellhousing (bought the whole swap kit from the Castlemaine Rod Shop website)
Mantic twin plate clutch
Custom Shifter
Custom gearbox mount
Modified the front half of my tailshaft to suit- still running the std centre bearing back tot the diff.

We have wired up the reverse lock out solenoid and speed sensor to my standalone ECU.

All custom work was done by a mate that owns Next Level Motorsport here in Australia.

We did end up cutting and plating the tunnel in a couple of places, mostly to make serviceability easier, not to mention it looks nice than just bashing the tunnel with a hammer.

If your in America youd be mad not to go with a Grannas kit. The OEM TR6060's are just easier and a lot cheaper to come buy here in Aus than a T56 magnum so we went down the route.

Im actually hoping he comes out with an 8.8 swap kit for the A70's as that's next on the list.
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