Another M-to-JZ VVTi Swap // Sub-3000lb Street Car - 1988 Hardtop N/A Chassis


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Jul 2, 2014
Hey All.

You can consider me a noob. I've been registered on here since I got my car in 2014 but I have hardly posted on SM or SF. Active on FT86Club.
This is partly a build thread to show the progress, but any input will be appreciated and also probably solicited LOL as I'm new to the Supra build game. Have only owned it long enough to know the VC gasket leaks, starting issues, but thankfully not the BHG issues.

It was my daily in 2014 and part of 2015, sadly she sat in the Phoenix Sun for about a year 2015-2016 and then sat unloved for the past 3 years in my garage while I played with slower toys like my FR-S. Time to wake her up.

Stock Specs:
1988 Supra Hardtop
7MGE, W58 Manual Trans
No ABS. 4.300 LSD

Since owning:
- Replaced Starter
- Replaced Steering Rack
- Removed All A/C component ahead of the firewall
- Removed 95% of the sound insulation, cleaned and sanded
- Obtained R154 Last Summer locally
- Just obtained a JZX100 1JZ-GTE VVTi M/T ECU

2020 Goals
- 3000lbs
- 1JZ-GTE VVTi Stock Swap Refreshed
- Suspension (unsure of what I want)
- Brake upgrade (unsure)
- Fix some trim
- Refresh stock sawblades (in process)
- Find some good lightweight wheels

2021 Goals
- 400WHP - Nothing Crazy
- Sub-3000lbs

I will be posting pictures tonight.
I know also that just about every bit of info is already available about these swaps but not really all in ONE place. Unless someone can direct me to that ONE place? I would like to compile all of it. I may not be the most experienced but I'm good at making resources and can probably get a page up. Let me know.


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Sep 21, 2018
Lexington, Ky
There is the jz swap bible you can look up, there is also the jz swap for dummies thread. There isn't much on 1jzvvti specific swaps but the info on jz swaps is all for the most part the same. Looking forward to progress!