7mgte turbo swap


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Apr 29, 2018
Yorkville, IL
Hey guys just wanted to update on the progress of my 88' Turbo. A little background I got my Supra a little over a year ago and spent the first 6-9 months doing all the maintenance ( brakes all 4 corners w/ braided lines, power steering pressure hose, rack and pinion, tie rods, valve covers, tune up, induction system on intake, swapped all fluids to amsoil products, tires, aluminum radiator, hoses) It supposedly had a new clutch put in about 500 miles before I bought it along with a head job which I did confirm the studs are arp.

Now im ready to really add some power. I currently have an upgraded intercooler with 2.5" piping, walboro 255, Driftmotion 550cc bosch low impedance injectors, hks Safr, and lexus afm….

Im hoping to get to around 400-500hp on this motor as I have another bare 7m I will be building up for more powah..

What types of things do I need to look out for going into install???
Setup will be custom with an ebay twinscroll manifold with a H1c 8 blade hoselt strapped on to it. Ive already had a t3 counter sunk flange welded on.. I will be using a 40mm HKS wastegate and authentic HKS BOV which came on the car when I bought it.

The forums are awesome and im not on facebook so hopefully this can stir up some discussion!

Thanks and Happy Supras!