7M-GTE Won't Rev Past 3500-4000 RPM


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Sep 23, 2020
I've just rebuilt my motor and had some cylinder scores honed out, put the motor back together and am now having a fuel cutoff issue? Read up on it and heard the TPS may be the culprit, unplugged it, no change. The car does alright cold, reving to about 4000 and about 4lb of boost before it cuts out, and then for the rest of the drive the motor feels like it's in a limp mode won't go over 3000 without cutting out. My next guess is is the AFM, it's an almost new turbo and we've double checked every vacuum line and turbo-related hose. Oil pressure is always good and temp never goes over half. Any help would be great, I'll update once I mess with the AFM.


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Dec 4, 2018
OH BOY DO I GOT YOU!! lmaooo this happened to me and I took the tb off and adjusted the TPS to spec (there wasn't change when I unplugged it, but once I did that* there was definite improvement.) However, you will most likely need a new maf sensor!! lmao once you throw it in there, it will go back to normal!

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