7M-GE & A340E to 2JZ-GTE & v160


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Apr 24, 2019
I have a 86.5 supra n/a auto and are considering a 2j swap with the 6 spd is there maybe a list of parts that I would need to do this. most threads I see aren't doing this exact swap from what I can tell so forgive me if this is already posted somewhere on the forum. I know some of the parts i'd need but i'm sure theirs a lot more that I'm missing..

Also is there any modifications in regards to chassis/rear end can handle the power?

I have time before I do the swap so money isn't really an issue but if it be less of a headache to do it with the r154 instead i'm ok with that but i'd prefer the getrag.
Thanks in advice and again sorry if this was already discussed somewhere else.