60-1 CT26 Rebuild Options


Authorized Seller
Sep 2, 2009
Dallas, Texas
My car came with a 60-1 Trim CT-26. I think I'm getting the death whine now and have a little more up and down shaft play than I think it should. Boost leak test found nothing and I only get the high pitched metal on metal noise as boost is trying to build. I get no more than about 2.5 psi if I get on the gas. So, I'm thinking time for a rebuild. I know most don't recommend doing a 60-1 because of the reliability. I was thinking of just going to the 57 Trim. Since mine was already machined out, am I stuck with 60-1 on this turbo? Can I find a new compressor housing that can be used with my turbo and go back to a 57 trim? Just trying to figure out my options. I'm not looking for monster HP and feel that the 57 trim would suit me better due to the higher reliability.