5M stock ct26 13.3 at 108~


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Oct 5, 2006
Mesa AZ
Stock CT26
2.5 inch intercooler
3 inch downpipe
255 Federal RSR tires
Microsquirt on E85
16~ degrees timing
AFRs are mid 11s

First pass I hooked and it went 13.3 at 105 with 10.8 psi of boost

I upped boost on 2nd run and a clamp failed in 4th gear

3rd run it held but launch was not good to much clutch slip but a 107.77 trap seems pretty good for the setup
Peak pressure of 190kpa or 13psi but average was around 12.5psi log is posted
84mph in the eighth mile is good. 4.30 gears are too short for a turbo car

115 degree heat here in phoenix track DA was over 6,000 feet at 10pm
My guess is at low DA and with 3.73 gears it would trap 110+ easy maybe 112
I was 6500rpm at the end of the strip it would be much better if I could load up the gears a bit more


Log on last pass