3D Printed Supra Parts


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Nov 10, 2006
These are the clips needed. If people understood how to remove the bezel there would be no issue. You need to push it in and slide to the rear to release the bezel. If you just yank on it or use a trim tool the metal tab will bend or break.

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They seem to still be listed by many sites, but I have not tried ot order them in years. If they used them on other models they may still be available.

There was actually a TSB on them.

Toyota service bulletin: REMOVAL OF DOOR LOCK BEZEL

removal of front clip:
(1) push the front of the bezel back to the rear with your hand
(2) lightly pull the bezel away from the door

removal of rear clip:
(1) move the bezel toward the front of the vehicle and pull out
I ordered those clips from Toyota maybe...3-4 years ago.
They were all still available then.

Don't know if they are anymore.
Well I'll be damned. I never knew there was a specific process for removing those beyond the TSRM instruction to "push a tab in and release" which I could never figure out. I could never depress a tab and just had to wiggle it around until it broke free. I'll feel dumb if that tip to push it forward and backward solves it.