3-Piece spoiler - HELP!


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Jan 21, 2012
Porterville, California, United States
So my wife just got her first Supra ever! Right off the bat she didn't like the fact that her spoiler had been removed. Upon closer inspection of the pieces here and there I found that the spoiler had been put on there with quite a bit of miscellaneous bolts and screws. We were like WTF! :: angry ::
So I had to reassure her that it would be taken care of the proper way. I'm sure those of you whom are married know where I'm coming from.:biglaugh:
So this is why I'm here writing to ask for help. Her car? 1988 N/A 5-speed Mkiii w/ a 3-piece spoiler.

If anyone could possibly shoot us some info even diagrams if possible that would be awesome!
We need to know what size bolts and etc. is needed to reinstall the spoiler properly.

Any info on where we can get on hands on some of those rubber gaskets that go between the body and the spoiler itself.

Thanks to anybody who contributes to helping us out.


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Jun 13, 2006
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I know exactly where you're coming from, I installed an 89+ wing on my wife's 86.5

First off change the color of your font..:D

second, hit the junkyard and look for spoilers off other toyotas, as they usually use the same bolts and nuts.

third, make sure you have the proper mounting hardware. Post of a WTB thread in the Want to Buy forum and ask for mounting hardware, gaskets, etc. You may also be able to get them brand new from the dealer but be prepared for discontinued/expensive items.

Now for the actual mounting of the wing. Mark each point on the side pieces and wing with lip stick (or a grease pencil) position exactly where it'll go, and press down evenly and firmly. You will leave a small dent and some lipstick/grease residue to know where to drill. Remember, measure twice, cut (well, drill) once.

Luckily you have an 88, which has holes closed off by rubber plugs in the hatch, where you insert a wrench to tighten down the nuts on the spoiler. Good luck!

on a side note, your 3rd brake light will plug right in with no issues, BUT your tail light failure light will illuminate on your dash until you swap out the failure box below the driver's side tail light for a white 89+ turbo (or sport package) box. Red/blue/yellow won't work, has to be white.