2JZGTE into '88 Mk3 ECU, wiring, turbo, and injector options

Apr 15, 2019
Hey everybody, I'm new here, and still new to the supra community (I've owned a supra for a total of around 3 months, sooooo VERY new still). I'm currently working on fixing up the interior and some other issues on my supra (bought as a rolling chassis, no engine or tranny, was a 5spd turbo). I'm getting close to being done, and am trying to get things rolling for the engine swap. My hope is to make around 500-600hp (anywhere in there would be great with me). I still don't know much about what size injector I'm gonna need, and what turbo is recommended. I would like to go slightly bigger than I need with both, as I don't want to make the power I want, and decide I want more, then have to redo the fuel/air system. My plan so far is to install the Walbro kit from Driftmotion, go with a garret or precision turbo, and fuel injector clinic injectors. Not much of a plan, I know, but I've got to start somewhere. What size turbo do ya'll think would be best? Also, what size injectors would be enough, and still have room for a bit more power? After that, I get to the ECU. I've heard fuel cut hits at around 14-ish lbs of boost. I'm not sure exactly how much i'll be making, but I guess that much, or maybe a bit more. If so, would it be best to go standalone from the beginning? I was going to send my engine harness to tweak'd performance, and get the plugs ready for the 2J engine. I've heard of people doing this in the past, but instead they would send both engine harnesses, and they would combine them. The listing on the tweak'd says that they make a completely new harness, and I assume use the ECU plugs from the 7m harness. So I don't need to wait until i get my 2j here to send them the harness? If so, great! I can get the ball rolling on the electrical system, and then get the 2j on it's way. But again on the standalone ECU. It gives me the option on their site, to have them wire the harness for the ECUmaster EMU. I've been looking at the EMU classic (I assume the plugs are the same), and am thinking about just going that route from the get-go, as I know it gives more tune-ability, and the ability to add an ethanol sensor (which would be great, as i have an e-85 station not too far from my house, but far enough I can't always fill up there). Are their any downsides to this besides cost? I figure I might as well do it right the first time, while I already have the car down and out-for-the-count. Would all the gauges still work (I don't care about the stock boost gauge, I'll add another one on the A-pillar later)? Would I have check engine lights/other issues like that? I haven't found much about this online, so I figured I'd just ask here.

I really appreciate the help here everyone. I'm really looking forward to getting this car back running and driving again.

Edit: I've done some looking, and I've seen that 1000CC injectors would be MORE than enough for my power goals (and allow plenty of room for............upgrades! So I think I'll spend the money and go with them, still looking at a turbo though. How are driftmotion's kits?)
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