2012 Toronto Supra Club 17th Annual Meet - August 17th-19th

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Sep 15, 2005
The weekend will be packed with Drag Racing, Lapping, show and shine, raffles and BBQs!

The Toronto crew welcomes everybody to come out and chat with old friends and enjoy our cars together!!!!

17th Annual Toronto Supra Meet - August 17-19

- Meet up at Tim's and Wendy's in stoney creek on mudd st. and theeeen...
- Drag racing at Toronto Motorsports Park (Cayuga) 'til you drop (or break an expensive part that you can't buy anywhere) starting at 7PM
- Back to Tim's for coffee when the track shuts down

- 9AM to 5PM Lapping at Toronto Motorsports Park (Cayuga) - Payment will be required in advance. There won't be enough time for a group breakfast this year, we need to get straight to burning gas and tires, and in my case, hopefully no flaming brakes. cost is $100 for a full 8 hours. details are posted here: http://www.torontosupraclub.com/index.php?topic=2483.0
- Show n shine with a trophy for each generation, farthest travelled and my favourite.....executives choice!
- BBQ lunch and raffle
- Group dinner at Jack Astor's near the meet hotel

This year we've got some great raffle prizes including a 20 gallon air compressor, so save some pennies and buy some tickets.


- TBD at this point. But usually Sunday will be a bit more laid back as we tend to always be exhausted from staying up waaay too late the previous couple nights. relaxing at a park and maybe going for a cruise to some go-karts sounds like a good call to me, but we've got a few things floating around right now.

available for purchase, plan for a $20 shirt if you want one.

totally your choice where you stay, but this is our suggested hotel. I stayed there last year myself and it was just fine, and the price was right! about $70 a night
Motel 6
4345 N Service Rd, Burlington, ON L7L 4X7
(905) 331-1955

We'll have full blown itinerary's for you to print off before the meet begins.

here's a taste of what it was like in year's past, we hope you can join us!



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Sep 15, 2005
Sunday's Breakfast Location has changed!! the google docs require updating still


Welcome to the
17th Annual Toronto Supra Meet!
Sunday Aug 19th, 2011 (Day 3)

Schedule (directions are on the back)

10:00am – ??:??..................................Breakfast at
Mo's Family Restaurant
Breakfast time isn’t set in stone here, we’re planning
it a little later than usual to give those who stayed up
late some time to make it. What we intend to do here
is have a nice breakfast and figure out who is still
remaining and make plans for there.

After Breakfast
Anything Goes
There are still plenty of things to do after breakfast,
and for the first time we’ll leave it up to who ever is
left. Some suggestions:
• Cruise to the Niagara region: we didn’t plan
a cruise for this meet due to the timing of the
track events. This might be a great time to do
a cruise as generally the groups are smaller
on Sunday and it’s easier to keep track of
• Warplane Heritage Museum
• Relaxing at a local park
• Drive in Movie later in the Evening

Mo's Family Restaurant
467 Speers Rd
Oakville, ON L6K3S4

Turn left on North Service Road
Turn right on Applby Line
Turn right to enter QEW east bound
Exit at Dorval Drive. Turn right (south) on Dorval.
Turn right on Speers. Mo's is about 1km down Speers on the left.