1zzfe coils on 7mgte & AEM EMS series 2


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Jun 19, 2005
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I was running my 7mgte on AEM EMS series 1. I had 1zzfe coils and I got it running on that setup. I just upgraded to AEM EMS series 2 (the Driftmotion Honda ECU). Can anyone verify the options I need to make in AEMTuner for COP coils?

Under the coils tab I have

Coil #1 - On, Leading, Coil phasing = 8.0
Coil #2 - On, Leading, Coil phasing = 0.0
Coil #3 - On, Leading, Coil phasing = 4.0
Coil #6 - On, Leading, Coil phasing = 16.0
Coil #7 - On, Leading, Coil phasing = 8.0
Coil #8 - On, Leading, Coil phasing = 16.0

All other coils are turned off.

I don't see any other options for coils. Does this sound correct? When I crank I do get some sputtering so I think the timing or phasing is out.



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Nov 29, 2008
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There is a coil setup/dwell wizard which has the Toyota Smart coil specs already input- iirc its 1NZ/2AZ coils in aem, but they all work the same.

I'm guessing you have the harness wired for sequential ignition? If so, your firing order is a bit funky. What I'd do is set partner cylinders to mirror each other's firing teeth and enable batch fire spark. The will fire partner cylinder coils at the same time, simplifying the initial timing setup (plus I needed that to have my timing light pick up the spark event)

1 0 teeth
1b 12
2 16
2b 4
3 8
3b 20
4 20
4b 8
5 4
5b 16
6 12
6b 0

Tick all the check boxes enabling all 12 coils and then start your ignition timing sync wizard and lock timing at 0*. I do it with injectors and fuel pump disabled so I don't have any pops or firing backwards against the starter. Get the base timing set up and sync'd while cranking, then add fuel if you're feeling saucy.

Once you get the car running, it's pretty simple to convert to sequential ignition, just go to the coils page as the engine is running and untick coil #1 or 1B. Whichever one causes the misfire is the proper timing tooth for cyl #1. If it happens to be 1B which is timed right, just adjust your ignition and fuel sync teeth by 12 and then it'll be correct on 1.


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May 24, 2005
hello there, can you please share your v2 map/coil/injector phasing with me. im switching my car over to v2 (DM honda box) and sequential coils/injectors now.

I cannot get the sucker to fire correctly. still on the stock cps btw.