1jz swap...soarer automatic


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Apr 10, 2005
Salem, Oregon
I have a couple of issues with my swap I'd like to get done help with...yes, I've searched and studied.

1989 original auto turbo, swapped with 1jz and soarer auto trans with harness. My ma70 chassis has abs but the harness and trans do not. I replaced the electric rear speed sensor on the trans with the mechanical one from the removed trans. The trans does not seem to shift into od.

I have the od off light blinking and the abs light both come on once the car gets to about 25-30 mph. I have attempted to get codes, but the diag block does not have the tt port. I am pretty sure both lights are due to a missing speed sensor but I don't know where to add it to the trans or get the signal from another source. I'd like to get the abs to work, but I would accept it not working but I would like the od to work.

My other issue is a code 13. I have replaced the crank sensor and both cam sensors are within spec. I have also properly replaced the shielded wiring for all three sensors.

Other than these dash lights, the car seems to run and drive great. Short of just removing the dash lights, where should I look to find solutions

Oh, and yes I have looked at the tsrm and followed testing procedures.