1990 MA70 4/500PS street build


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Nov 28, 2020
This thread will be all about my build on my 1990 MA70 :)
It's gonna be a purely street-oriented build, no track use, maybe just some skids at night on my local touge, so it will be mainly engine and cosmetic mods .
At the moment it's a FULL stock 1990 model, 7M-GTE, R154 5 speed. Power-wise my goal is to reach at least 400PS at the wheels.
(Copy and paste from my introduction thread):
The car now has 200'000km (120'000mi) and makes knocking noises when revving it at partial throttle from about 1700 to 3000rpm.
Noise seems to come from the head, but I had people tell me it's either failed rod bearings or something wrong in the valvetrain (perhaps might be the cam position sensor coming loose).
The plan was to leave it on stock internals eventhough it's high mileage (I would've just upgraded the headgasket), but since I might have to change the rod bearings, I might even change piston rings, head studs and shim the oil pump.
Approximately, I'm going for tubular exhaust manifold, 3 or 3.5inch straight pipe exhaust+muffler, aluminum intake manifold and pipings, intercooler, something around 550cc injectors, t67/t78 turbo, thermostatic oil cooler, coil-on-plug ignition system, stock radiator and fans (might upgrade to alu radiator and electric-only fans), catch can and that's it. That's at least the setup I'm trying to follow, but I might have to change plans down the road if I see something wouldn't work right.
Advices and opinions are welcomed as long as they're respectful and constructive :)
I thought of doing piston rings, head studs, rod bearings, headgasket, head seals, covers seals, valve stems, crankshaft seals, misc gaskets...
Advices are welcomed especially on what to do to the lubrication system, thanks !



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Mar 30, 2005
Well it's your car so come up with a base idea and setup of what you believe you would like to have.
Braided lines, AN fittings, aftermarket cooler. mounting etc and we can help you from there.

One base thing I would suggest is one of these for increasing the oil flow.
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