18th Annual Toronto Supra Club Annual Meet – August 16-18, 2013

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Nov 5, 2005
The weekend will be packed with Drag Racing, Lapping, show and shine, raffles and BBQs!

The Toronto crew welcomes everybody to come out and chat with old friends and enjoy our cars together!!!!

18th Annual Toronto Supra Meet - August 16-18

  • Meet up at Tim's and Wendy's in stoney creek on mudd st. and theeeen...
  • Drag racing at Toronto Motorsports Park (Cayuga) 'til you drop (or break an expensive part that you can't buy anywhere) starting at 7PM
  • Back to Tim's for coffee when the track shuts down


  • 9AM to 5PM Lapping at Toronto Motorsports Park (Cayuga) - Payment will be required in advance, cost is $100 for a full 8 hours. details are posted here
  • BBQ lunch and raffle
  • Group dinner at Jack Astor's near the meet hotel
  • Show n shine with a trophy for each generation, farthest traveled and my favourite.....executives choice! They are beautiful crystal like trophies that will look GREAT on anyones Trophy Table, here is a sample of what the art work looks like


TBD at this point. But usually Sunday will be a bit more laid back as we tend to always be exhausted from staying up waaay too late the previous couple nights. relaxing at a park and maybe going for a cruise to some go-karts sounds like a good call to me, but we've got a few things floating around right now. We will start off with an awesome Breakfast in Burlington…we will update the post with the name of the place and directions shortly.

Meet T-Shirts will be available for purchase, plan for a $20 shirt if you want one. This year we’ve gone with a clever little picture of 4 Supra’s on an Ontario License plate with an expiry date of August 13th…shown below:

totally your choice where you stay, but this is our suggested hotel. I stayed there last year myself and it was just fine, and the price was right! about $70 a night
Motel 6
4345 N Service Rd, Burlington, ON L7L 4X7
(905) 331-1955

**PLEASE NOTE** Friday and Saturday are BOTH at Toronto Motorsports Park which is in the town of Cayuga. With Google and all the discount travel sites we are leaving the hotel totally up to you this year. We’ve seen over the years it’s just not possible to please everyone, some people want to be close to the meet events, others want to be in a decent sized town with more amenities. Our suggestion is based on response from previous years, but if the Motel 6 is not your thing please feel free to search around for alternative accommodations.

We'll have full blown itinerary's for you to print off before the meet begins.

You can see pictures of some of our older meets on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TorontoSupraClub . Please like us and check out some of our older meets.