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  1. Zmith_33

    1990 MA70 4/500PS street build

    Hi, This thread will be all about my build on my 1990 MA70 :) It's gonna be a purely street-oriented build, no track use, maybe just some skids at night on my local touge, so it will be mainly engine and cosmetic mods . At the moment it's a FULL stock 1990 model, 7M-GTE, R154 5 speed. Power-wise...
  2. Zmith_33

    Greetings from Italy

    Hi everyone! I'm Luca, from Italy, and this is my 1990 MA70 Supra, 7M-GTE, R154 5speed. It's FULL stock for now, but it's going to be slowly and vastly upgraded from now on! Power-wise, my goal is somewhere between 400 and 500PS. The car now has 200'000km (120'000mi) and makes knocking noises...