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  1. pmmfred

    Front Subframe Bushing Install Video | StrongFlex Subframe Bushings

    Heres a step by step video for installing front subframe bushings on the ma70! Enjoy!
  2. pmmfred

    Wilwood Clutch Master Cylinder Conversion Step by Step video

    Wilwood Clutch Master Cylinder Conversion Step by Step video
  3. pmmfred

    Rear Subrame Bushings Install Video

    I teamed up with and strongflex to do an install video for the rear subframe bushings. Enjoy
  4. pmmfred

    Are these the best LED projector headlights? (video)

    Legit LED Projector Lights Wiring Harness Project Style Housing LED bulbs used
  5. pmmfred

    1JZGTE Haltech ECU install and setup

    Here are a few videos of my trip to Haltech USA, my dyno results and where I show you how to install and set up a Haltech ECU for the 1JZ
  6. pmmfred

    CV Axle Replacement (video)

    Apparantly it's not common for hte CV axles to go bad in the MKiii, but with my luck of course it will go bad haha
  7. pmmfred

    Brake light/ Tail light not working FIX, EVERY SUPRA NEEDS THIS

    The brake lights and tail lights on the supra are notorious for failing, if yours are working or havent already failed, chances are the will eventually stop working which cam become very unsafe and illegal. This is how you fix/prevent them from failing. With the help of we got...
  8. pmmfred

    How To GM LQ9 Coils Into 1JZ Stock ECU (video)

    Ron from Yota Connectors helped me install LQ9 coils into my 1JZ and we managed to make them work with the stock ECU by using a light bulb or a resistor to simulate to firing of the toyota coils to keep the ECU happy...
  9. pmmfred

    Cube Short Shifter Install/Review + 10% Coupon Code (video)

    I installed and reviewed Cubes shifter in my R154, watch the video to see the install and review, as well as getting a limited time 10% off coupon for your shiter
  10. pmmfred

    Threaded 02 sensor for 1JZ?

    yeah i rigged up a 92 mustang 5.0 02 sensor, works for me
  11. pmmfred

    1JZ GReddy Emanage Ultimate

    Re: Greddy emanage ultimate this video may help you
  12. pmmfred

    How to: New coil pack connectors

    How to install new coil pack connectors
  13. pmmfred

    Putting a Holset on the 1JZ! (video)

    Blew the T3T4 turbonetics and decided to upgrade to an H1C
  14. pmmfred

    My Greddy Emanage Ult tune/set up

    I made a video of my very basic emanage set up incase anyone had questions or issues about the emanage, hopefully this video may help
  15. pmmfred

    10 Things I Hate About My Supra!

    lolol I am a bit late but the title does say "things i hate about MY supra" not yours, not your friends, MY supra lol and i also said the things could be fixed lol