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  1. Piratetip

    Fuji AFM - Teardown & Analysis - Karman Vortex Generator

    Hey All, I have always been interested in learning more about this very unique AFM. Since I never had a spare in hand to tear into in the past this never happened. Recently I picked up another Lexus AFM housing, and as it turns out the electronics were faulty. (Throwing a code 32) Part of my...
  2. Piratetip

    Rebuilding CPS - Source of NEW Coils & Waveform Signal Analysis

    All, Below are my findings in relation to rebuilding the stock CPS with NEW coils. A continuation from a discussion on a previous thread. (Starting on Post #10.) Also want to say thanks to @SeclusiveGTRS for mentioning some other Toyota era vehicles use the same style CPS pickup coils. Where...
  3. Piratetip

    TEMS Computer Location?

    Curious if someone already knows where the TEMS computer is located. I know a "general" location from this diagram: But its not very descriptive, looks like in the back right corner someplace. Anyone have an actual photo of the...
  4. Piratetip

    A Look at Vehicle Electrical Loads

    This is another informative post to follow up on some of my others. Short story: I am testing another style datalogger for work, so I thought I would use the Supra as a quick platform to learn something on. This is only about 20 minutes of testing total, so very very limited compared to what I...
  5. Piratetip

    Energy Suspension - Rear Control Arm Poly Kit Information

    This information is in reference to kit PN: 8.3127 (Control Arm Bushing Set Rear) I only needed to swap out a couple of my rear bushings, but bought the whole kit anyway. (Replacing some oldschool ubobtainium 6/6 bushings) For anyone that needs this information, I suspect there will be a lot of...
  6. Piratetip

    HKS TEMS Overload

    Anyone ever see this many TEMS controllers in one place? I went on a crazy buying spree to get these things. I have a plan for the smaller version. :D Will post up when I complete what I am doing.
  7. Piratetip

    How Cold?

    Interested to see how cold of temps everyone has seen this week. Yesterday we were -20F. Today we are -26F. Excluding windchills. Cars are still starting so that's good
  8. Piratetip

    NOTICE : Stolen Supra

    All, A friend of mine sent me this. I am not on Facebook but wanted to spread the word if I can. I don't know who this person is but maybe someone might see it. I think this is in Chicago.
  9. Piratetip

    4 Generations of Supra at SEMA

    Anyone know what owners Toyota borrowed these white Supras from for SEMA? Photos are about half way down the page.
  10. Piratetip

    OEM Waterpump Impeller Design

    Hey All, Looking for someone that has a known original Toyota waterpump. Trying to locate some photos of the impeller design they use. This will drive my decision as to if any aftermarket designs are as good as the original. If they aren't I will just buy the Toyota part. I am about 99%...
  11. Piratetip

    Stainless Weld Fab

    Any professional welders out there? Looking for some feedback on my stainless welding. I have welded plenty of other ferrous metals (steel). But this is my first attempt at 304L. (using 308L filler rod) I am using TIG (200A machine with 100% argon. Basically from the downpipe back I am making...
  12. Piratetip

    Rockauto Wholesale Parts Supra

    Received an email from Rockauto today. They are listing a bunch of inexpensive parts they are trying offload. Maybe it will help someone looking for parts.
  13. Piratetip

    MKII Supra Built LSD Differential.

    Hey All This is the 1st individual that has requested a MKII differential from me. (Not for sale) I just wanted to share the condition of this MKII diff, as its one of the lowest mileage / cleanest I have ever come across. Even as received it was super clean, thought it was worth showing. I...
  14. Piratetip

    A Look inside the Stock Muffler

    This is more of just an informative post than anything. I had originally planned to enlarge both the inlet and 2 outlets of the stock muffler to accommodate a 3" exhaust. Mainly to keep the stock look but be able to flow much more. But after closer inspection the stock muffler is much more...
  15. Piratetip

    A1Cardone "Rebuilt" Steering Rack - A public service announcement.

    This post will summarize my experience with an A1Cardone "Rebuilt" Steering rack. Purchased through RockAuto. First off I had in initially bought a rebuild kit for the rack that is currently in my vehicle and rebuilt and re-installed it. Everything appeared to be fine until I discovered a...
  16. Piratetip

    Another Custom 3.58 R&P LSD Rebuild

    Took a few shots today of another Custom 3.58 Differential Rebuild I just about finished today. Received a request for another one of these with the 3.58 gearing after setting up one for SupraClaou (Greece) :D I need to find some time to work on my own Supra!, ah well good thing I am in no...
  17. Piratetip

    Technico Adjustable Cam Gears

    Has anyone used these cam gears? Anyone have any experience with them? From down under. Aussies IJ where did you run off to? :D
  18. Piratetip

    Help designing a "simple" PWM controller

    Calling electronic gurus on the board that can help me design a circuit or modify an existing controller for PWM solenoid control. Long and Short: Manually control a 12v Solenoid in the transmission used to regulate pressure. PWM from 0-100% Problem: Vehicle is too sluggish to fully...
  19. Piratetip

    Any CFO's, CEO's or Corporate Managers on this board?

    GM Seeks More Leeway on Pay I would like to hear the point of view from an executive on these matters. Does higher pay really equate to better talent? Opening a can of worms here......
  20. Piratetip

    Roommate needed in Chicago?

    Anybody live in the Willowbrook area SW of downtown Chicago? Thought I would see if anyone on here is looking for a roommate. Will be coming from Kalamazoo in MI. I know rent can be pricey down there. I start my new job in a couple weeks. Thanks