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  1. MarkIII4Me

    ABS Woes

    What does it mean when the abs light constantly flashes when pulling codes. Just none stop quick flashing. TSRM says nothing about it. Unless it’s a bad ECU, but that should be a solid light according to the TSRM, unless I’m reading that wrong. Ideas?
  2. MarkIII4Me

    The 7mgte Bolt-On Turbo Catalog

    So I thought it'd be cool to finally catalog (with pics) all of the bolt-on turbos that have been manufactured for the 7mgte. *** Please do not include ct-26's with larger compressor wheels and factory covers. *** I"ll start :o 1. SupraSport Stage 3 60-1...
  3. MarkIII4Me

    Valve stem seal options

    Will be doing my valve stem seals soon and need the most heat resistant ones available, as my port job ground away most of the guides. Pretty sure my seals are toast from age rather than mileage, as the engine sat for many many years outside of the vehicle and smoked ever since...
  4. MarkIII4Me

    On a 7mgte, when do you need to increase the diameter of crankcase vent lines?

    I have a 7mgte that I'm nearly certain needs new valve stem seals since the spark plugs get oil soaked fairly quickly. Compression and leakdown #'s are good and I removed my catchcan since it was only collecting water (car sits for months at a time). Exhaust has blue smoke when engine is under...
  5. MarkIII4Me

    Squeaking noise from steering column when moving wheel up and down

    So I finally got around to pulling the steering column surround and spraying lubricant on all exposed movable parts. It has not improved at all. It's a high chirping squeaking noise heard whenever the wheel is shook or when adjusting up and down. Sounds like a spring. I can see a thin rod that...
  6. MarkIII4Me

    Brake fluid reservoir restoration [Before and After *pics*]

    So now that the OEM Aisin ABS brake fluid reservoir (and master) are discontinued, finding a nice example, let alone one you can actually see through, is next to impossible. I picked up a used reservoir off of facebook. It's condition was what you'd expect from a used 25+ year old reservoir that...
  7. MarkIII4Me

    Have no ground to E1 terminal to ecu, but engine won't run when ground is connected

    I'm running an AEM v1. I've been having issues with my tune fluctuating ever since I've had it installed and tuned 6 years ago. Last night I checked the grounds on the ECU's 13 pin connector. The computer ground "E1" has no continuity to ground at all. "E01" and "E02" have ground...
  8. MarkIII4Me

    7M high output alternator options. Driftmotion, Suprastore or Ebay?

    My high output ebay alternator's bearing is noisy and only charges at 13.6 volts when hot. I've been running a 46mm overdrive pulley on it, that I'm fairly certain is what's killing it (only have maybe 2000 miles on it). Rather than going the ebay (cheapest) route, I was wondering if I'd be...
  9. MarkIII4Me

    Mystery light gold colored fluid collecting between #1 & #2 lower intake runners

    Picture is just for reference to the area I'm referring to. About a half ounce of the mystery liquid collects every 50 miles of driving. The fluid has no smell and no viscosity to it. Very watery and light gold in color. Injectors look dry. No oil dripping from valve cover area. Could the intake...
  10. MarkIII4Me

    When removing AC, is it necessary to reinstall the 3 tensioner bolts?

    I see the bolts go all the way through the rear lower timing cover. If the AC belt tensioner is no longer needed, do the bolts still need to be there? Do they do anything other than hold the tensioner on the lower timing my cover?
  11. MarkIII4Me

    Anyone using a soild copper gasket between their turbo to oil return flange?

    I originally ordered a Turbonetics gasket from JEGS. What I received was a very pliable smooth black rubber gasket that severely deforms when torqueing it down, to the point where it actually blocks the edges of the oil flow passage of the...
  12. MarkIII4Me

    Looking for good tuner within 100 miles of Charleston SC

    I have a 7m with AEM V1 which I need fine tuned since my cold start is rich now since I moved down from Maryland. I also want to get my boost control set up. Is there any reputable place within 100 miles that anyone can recommend?
  13. MarkIII4Me

    What can I use that looks nice to cap off AC ports on passenger side firewall?

    I recently removed the AC lines and now I have these two ugly open ports sticking out from the firewall. Rather than shoving some stoopeed rubber neeples on them I would like to find a screw on cap option. Anyone know of any? Got a link for me?
  14. MarkIII4Me

    Need a pic of the hood latch assembly

    So I had to take mine apart in order to get to the bolt holding the top of the support bracket. I have it back in, but for the life of me I cannot figure out where to secure the large thick spring to. Obviously the left side would go on the notch in the pivoting latch, but where does the right...
  15. MarkIII4Me

    Using an oil cooler the size of a condenser. Too big???

    So I scored a pretty sweet deal on a custom Fluidyne cooler. I bought it before I thought it through and now I'm afraid either #1, it's too big to fit and/or #2 it'll over-cool the oil or cause oil pressure drop and strain on the pump. I do run a thermostat so over-cooling shouldn't be an issue...
  16. MarkIII4Me

    Help me troubleshoot 3 ABS Codes

    Backstory: Car started as an Auto trans, ABS system worked fine. Car sat for several years outside with with no engine, trans and open brake lines since ABS module was removed for engine bay repaint. The ABS Module sat for years in a garage uncapped. The exposed brake lines in the engine bay...
  17. MarkIII4Me

    Several interior lights are not working. Faulty integration relay?

    The little red door lights, hatch area light, key chime, glove box light and vanity light work. That's it though. No other lights come on. The driver map light, dome lights, ignition cylinder light and DC outlet light (which has power) do not come on. I pulled the dome light fuse in the engine...
  18. MarkIII4Me

    Resurrection of a beat up Greddy Intercooler *Pics*

    Scored a pretty sweet deal on a roached Greddy R-SPL 2 Row. The cores looked intact so I thought I'd take a chance on it. Well after a good cleaning inside and out it was time to straighten fins. Some little tweezers and a lot of patience goes a long way. Here's where 10+ hrs gets ya. Before...
  19. MarkIII4Me

    Anyone live around Charleston SC that could help me tweak my AEM v1 tune?

    I cannot find a shop in the area that I trust. I've been getting far too many "yeah, I'll give it a shot" or "I can probably figure it out" to dare let them touch my car. I had the car tuned a couple of years ago in Maryland and once I had it towed down here, it shifted my tune due to me being a...
  20. MarkIII4Me

    Desperately need to find a couple of M9x1.25 bolts!

    So I broke the two bolts in the block that hold the flange for the turbo oil return with the engine still in the vehicle. Bolts were cross threaded badly. Scary stuff. My buddy was able to drill and extract them, but it destroyed the original threads and opened the diameter pretty good...