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  1. figgie

    7M Transmission to engine mount template

    By a far of chance, does anyone have a 3D CAD drawing of the 7M engine to mount the A340 transmission?
  2. figgie

    Part id

    it Looks like a c's short shifter
  3. figgie

    ATI damper cut away

    Cut away of an ATI Damper. Photo courtesy of HPAcademy.
  4. figgie

    Minnesota and/or Wisconsin Supra's

    I remember there was a contingency of MN supra back in 2010. Have they all migrated to the fb? I am in Shakopee, southwest of the twin cities!
  5. figgie


    yes yes I know, there are plenty. But I am searching for a company to custom make a flywheel in it entirety. Do we know if places like fidanza etc can custom make or does anyone know of a company that can?
  6. figgie

    Figgie's build: Project Rodknox

    Well, I am using this as a place holder for pictures and information. lets start with the basics. Name: RODKNOX MFG: Toyota model: Supra Body style: 2 door TARGA YEAR: 1989 Patient Condition: the car is in ok shape. The car made 550 rwhp on E85 so the motor was in good form. No rust (amazing...
  7. figgie

    7M-GTE Igniter circuitry

    Hi all, I scoured these and the other forums and FB to (the quality of tech stuff there is subpar). Long story short, has anyone got any internal measurements from the igniter specifically the signal BEFORE it gets bumped to 12v via the output transistor that feed the coils (Where the IGf is...
  8. figgie

    Macho Man Randy Savage, Dead @ 58.. Heart Attack while driving. Head on into a tree. Macho passes. Elizabeth, minor injuries. I remember watching macho man with the ring bell flyyyyy of the top roap on Ricky "the...
  9. figgie

    I don't see these threads often here....

    but it is about time that at least ONE thread does appear of this nature. I want to PUBLICLY (and empathetically), give my exceptional gratitude to Mike (aka Supracentral), and yes folks, I am being sincere. :icon_surp The story: As everyone in the US know, the Job market has been...
  10. figgie

    World cup grouping.....

    anyone watching this? US got England right off the bat. Mexico got off easy with South Africa in thier groups.. i want to know which will be the group of "death" You down unders got Germany this year! Brazil got N Korea... wow, tough one for them.... NOT!!
  11. figgie

    Atari: For those of you old enough to remember

    Atari (yes they are still alive) has brough brought back some of their classic arcade games online... for FREE Asteriods, Battle Zone, Crystal Castle, Lunar Lander and then from the Atai 2600, Yars revenge and adventure.... don't burn to much time...
  12. figgie

    Want to learn how to setup the AEM v2?

    Well you are in luck. The nice folks over at the EFI University have just announced their new AEM V2 course These classes are invaluable. Only downpart is finding one close to you. But well worth the price.
  13. figgie

    Volumetric Efficency

    Ok folks, I know this will probably be over the majority of everyone head here so bare with me. This might be easier done by the folks that have a MAFT-PRO. Anyway I need a graph of the measured MAF/AFM value v.s the RPM through wot would be fine. In short I need to compare this to...
  14. figgie

    AEM Gen2 Talking with a couple of tuners (mark Conte, John R etc)on this new product. Addresses most of the current AEM short comings. Release date is TBD. Video of AEM Gen2 idling........ 500...
  15. figgie

    Tech: WRC turbos

    I was doing some reading and found this stuff regarding the turbos that WRC use insightful and awesome... F BTW that those prices translate to $8000 - $18,000 USD!!! :o
  16. figgie

    Gas tax not enough for roads......

    so why not track mileage on vehicles? yes folks, that means every car has a black box installed or retrofitted. I know where I stand on this. FUCK NO.
  17. figgie

    Quake Live Beta

    Ok, besides me, who else is on thier beta testing phase for Quake live? For those not in the know, Quake live = Quake 3: areana, redone for loading across a web browser and playing anywhere, graphics updates, weapons power have been redone etc! Work, School (i bet they are going to love...
  18. figgie

    We will not get the wrath of Khan any more :(..... Ricardo Montalban has passed at the age of 88.... KHHHHAAAAAANNNNNNN!!!!!!!!
  19. figgie

    Flex Fuel Sensor + MoTeC = Self adjust for all Ethanol %

    **This thread is/was created for and ONLY. So if you plageurize, I WILL deal with you. This is your only warning!*** So what is this thread? Consider it a feature lesson off the MoTeC in what it can do above the "normal" run of the mill standalone. This is using...
  20. figgie

    introducing new Standalone engine management SME

    loved by most, hated by the wannabe's and the posers. the always replicated but never duplicated, Supramania, please give a warm welcome to the one and only Mr. John Reed!!! (can hear the crowd of two people go wild!) edit: Suprahero caught an error.. so now it is fixed!