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  1. IchibanEye

    Coming soon to SupraMania

    My 7MGTE is failing. I have put much money into it, fixing fuck ups in upgrade and a rebuild from shops that cut corners before I had purchased her. At this point if I do anything else it is just a band-aid and not worth pissing the money away in the long run. The motor has started seeping oil...
  2. IchibanEye

    CPS Connectors/Wiring

    Hello all. I have a couple of questions as I cannot get a hold of Arron and when I did (after 2 days, still has not replied to my e-mail) it was way rushed (he is traveling?) over the phone, him not me. I asked Arron about the Male and female replacement connectors, that are shown on Driftmotion...
  3. IchibanEye

    Days like these.

    I don't know about anyone else here but as old as our MA70's are or are becoming, when compared to most/many models of other vehicles (I'm talking new/newer here) our cars are far more comfortable to be in. I bring this up because my car has been away for body repairs for about 16 days now. What...
  4. IchibanEye


    I'll be removing the valve covers next week and replacing some gaskets and what not. While I have all of this stuff apart is there anything else I should hit while I have the motor this far cracked open? I plan on new valve cover seals, new 3rd (spark plug valley) valve cover o-rings, new spark...
  5. IchibanEye

    Game Capture Device

    I am looking for a used game capture / stream device. Do any of you know someone or have one for sale? Please let me know, thanks.
  6. IchibanEye

    Gauge Cluster compatibility

    Hello fellow members it has been some time since my last thread. I did a search and after reading through many pages and starting to see static snow on the screen because i was getting tired, could find nothing on this. Mind you I am not saying that it is not on our forums someplace already and...
  7. IchibanEye

    A question about build up/gallery code

    O.k. I read the rules for this forum and I have a question about something that was not covered. I was wondering if it would be fine to post pictures of your new parts that are going to be used for one's build up? Along maybe with say what you planned on doing with them. Kind of a segue...
  8. IchibanEye


    Hello, Do you enjoy vaping? If you do that's great! What device do you use, any attachments or extras? Have you modded your current vape? Are you eyeing anything new? Tell us, this is the place to share your experience and story. For home use we have the Volcano and for on the go and my...
  9. IchibanEye

    Trim question

    I was wondering if there was an aftermarket or outside trim that would directly mount on my '88 hard top? Something that could be painted to match the rest of the car. Any other ideas or suggestions are welcome. I'm not painting my current trim because if some surface buckling issues...
  10. IchibanEye


    I was thinking about getting the re-spun 152amp alternator from supra store for my car. Does anyone have this? I am thinking it will help in the future when I add my extra electronic engine monitoring devices so the electrical system is not under excess strain.
  11. IchibanEye

    Idaho mk3 owners

    Hello, I am going to be new to the Boise area and would like to meet others around the surrounding areas as well. If you could also point me towards legitimate and reputable machine / mechanic / performance / paint n body / upholstery shops and hands on guys that would be great. I was...
  12. IchibanEye

    **CT26 Turbo Upgrade**

    Hello I found upgrades for the stock turbo on Supra store. They are claiming that they can get the stockers with various upgrades to anywhere between 410-500+ horsepower. I however am confused because from all of my reading and searching on this forum and various others that the stockers could...
  13. IchibanEye

    **Me the Newbie & my MK3**

    Hello all I am new to the site as of last week so forgive me for the late introduction. I am a first time Supra owner and have always wanted a MK3. I am not new to owning other forced induction vehicles however. About my car. She is a 1988 hard top 7MGTE. Here is what has been upgraded...
  14. IchibanEye

    ***Genuine Factory Manuals***

    Hello I have 3 genuine Toyota factory manuals that cover the 1988 U.S.A./Canada models. They cover it all. The first one is over 3'' thick and is a repair manual that covers every aspect of the car. -Engine -Chassis -Body -Electrical -Specifications It has diagrams, torque specs, step...