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  1. finaltable

    White Mk III in Manhattan?

    I happened to be driving in Manhattan in NYC yesterday and saw a white Mk III with an aftermarket exhaust double parked on the right hand side of the street. There aren’t that many of these left anymore, so if that was you, thank you for bringing it out. It was an unexpected bright spot in my day.
  2. finaltable

    Last problem (I hope): turbo overboost

    89 Mk III, 7M-GTE From the seller's listing: Performance parts include an upgraded Turbonetics CT26 turbo, DriftMotion intercooler kit, BC 264 Cams, Mishimoto electric fans wired to OEM harness, Magnecor spark plug wires, divorced down pipe, electronic boost controller, Tanabe Touring Medalion...
  3. finaltable

    Engine Block: how do I proceed?

    (My apologies if this is wrong forum.) My uncle says after getting the head off and machined due to a BHG, the block is pitted and needs work. One option is buy a clean block if I can get one or buy the most stripped 7M-GTE complete engine I can to drop in since the rest of the car is good...
  4. finaltable

    Help me understand why bore/stroke ratio matters

    Preface: I started my education as an engineering major. I have had multiple physics, statics and materials classes. I am not afraid of a complex answer. Not being an engineer, mechanic or tuner I don’t understand what under/square/over bore stroke ratio means to me as a performance car owner...
  5. finaltable

    Engine replacement opinions requested

    If this should have been in the swap section I apologize. I bought the White Pkg ‘89 Targa turbo on in the For Sale section. After some work at my uncle’s shop it was discovered that the head gasket is blown. My choice is fix it or swap for a different engine. I budgeted for this possibility so...
  6. finaltable

    GPS tracker

    Sorry if this is the wrong place but I cannot find a forum that fits nor an existing thread on this topic. I want to equip my car with a tracking unit, in part because it could get stolen and because I have an 18 year old son and 16 year old daughter. I've searched the web but wondered if...
  7. finaltable

    Royal Purple: What is my answer?

    Apologies in advance if this provokes a religious war. That is not my intent. One of my clients is the former President of the Houston Supra club. She has shown me pictures of her green Mk IV turbo she had to sell. When I told her I was getting a Mk III Supra she told me that she expects me to...
  8. finaltable

    How do I learn about the Mk III and tuning?

    I am about to buy a Mark III with some moderate but not extreme mods. This will be my second Mk III but the first was NA with no bells & whistles. This is a turbo with TEMS. Given that I plan to use this as a daily driver, part of my life going forward will be tracking down and stockpiling hard...
  9. finaltable

    How hard is it to find a Mk III?

    I used to have a '90 Mk III and would like another MK III. Given the age of these cars its first stop after purchase will be a relative's auto repair shop for a thorough examination and repair/replacement of mechanical parts and interior work as needed. I can do an engine replacement if I find...
  10. finaltable

    Can I get a taller rear differential?

    I have a '90 NA Mk III I drive about 550 miles a week. I don't care about speed but I am starting to care more and more about the cost of putting gas in it. Is there a taller rear end available that will let me lower the cruising rpms?