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    Are quality 7M's and parts a thing of the past?

    If only you knew what it takes to get these 30+ year old cars back into reliable, running condition. Then you would understand. They're not 4 cyl hondas. You have to both have knowledge and money to make these dependable, reliable, and modern. An MKIII is not for a "green" enthusiast. Don't buy...
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    Are quality 7M's and parts a thing of the past?

    Im a fan of Holset turbos, they’re incredibly efficient and very cheap. Rebuilds on them are also cost effective. Here in the Midwest there are tons of diesel shops that rebuild and customize them for very reasonable prices. In total you can have a very efficient turbo for less than $500. An...
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    Another 7M ground up build

    Good info. That's what I was looking for. I saw a member was selling some and I'd rather buy and hold on to it then need it later and end up having another extinct 7m part. The one for sale is in the case.
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    Another 7M ground up build

    Update: Car is parked for the winter, pulled the injectors to swap out to some bigger High Imped ones this winter. I'm very pleased and excited with how this build is shaking out and now that she's broken in, ready for some Amsoil and serious tuning this spring. Opinions please... I had the...
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    I enjoy watching this

    I’ve watched this like 20xS today lol any idea how much power he was making to gap that ZL1 like that?
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    My long-running Supra build thread

    Hell yeah man, looking great! it's getting there, keep it up!
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    Bosch injectors vs injector dynamics

    That bosch injector is a direct injection style (GDI) injector converted to port injection/common rail with the adapters.
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    Bosch injectors vs injector dynamics

    So after doing much research I seem to have possibly figured something out? Bosch pn 0280 158 040 is a 1050cc long nozzle injector for direct injected vehicles. This seems to be the injector that ID starts with and modifys from there with adapters for both the long nose nozzle and the top hat...
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    Benefits of larger throttle body? (q45, 80mm,90mm)

    woa, woa, woa way to burry the lead here... Where did the ffim come from???
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    What did you do to your supra today? Pics

    A couple weeks back I popped off an intercooler boot and didn’t have time or a rack available to re do the plumbing. So I ran it over the front radiator crash support with no hood.... My hood is with the fabricator having a 2015ish camaro SS vent put in... should look great and vent the engine...
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    What did you do to your supra today? Pics

    Wrestled with my window regulator to swap out the motor. Almost done but DAMN was that a pain in the ass!
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    Engine Block: how do I proceed?

    My coolant jackets looked really pitted when I did my rebuild this year. After having the block decked and cleaned it was all good, looked worse than it was.
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    Figgie's build: Project Rodknox

    My guys all use the Milwaukee's they're stronger than the snap on ones. Both 1/2'' and 3/8'' drives. Good stuff, disaster obverted.
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    Figgie's build: Project Rodknox

    We heat them with an acetylene torch then hit them with an impact w/ a turbo socket to break the stud and start over.
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    Abe's first ma70 1jzgte swap

    Your best bet is to find a more accessible part in the system i.e a compressor. Then call the yards, as they list the number, and ask them what you're looking for. They will ask you the year, make, model info then they can usually check and see if the parts there. I've come across some not...
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    I need a favor from those still running the stock IACV on the 7M......

    interesting, I have a freshly built 7m on emu classic. Before the rebuild I would have this issue where the idle would just hunt intermittently from 500rpm-1600ish rpm.. After the rebuild and thoroughly cleaning iacv and mostly new parts, redone harness, etc it will still intermittently hunt...
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    Cylinder head valley plug question

    Others have drilled and tapped the plugs there like the back one
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    The Kamikaizen Great Unpoochening

    Nice, I'll check it out. Thanks