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  1. 1988_supra

    No injector pulse? aem v1

    Hey whats going on SM? car was running great idling in my garage when it started to break up and shut off. checked for spark and fuel , and it has a strong spark but no injector pulse, injectors have power but the ecu is not giving it a ground pulse to fire. Car is on Aem v1 (7mgte) . Any help...
  2. 1988_supra

    no heat?

    hey sm got a 1990 supra 7mgte and it seems not to have heat but not only that when the climate control unit is at high it doesnt blow much at all out of the vents and when i change it to outside air coming it it doesnt blow at all what could be wrong any help is great thank you
  3. 1988_supra

    Resistor box removal?

    Hey sm im looking to remove my resistor box due to my new injectors and not sure on how to do so, iv done research but haven't found much for 7m just a bunch of hondas saying cut and put all the wires together, is it the same for my car just cut the 4 wires and just connect all 4 together and...
  4. 1988_supra

    Idle/rev problem?

    whats up sm? i have a 1990 supra 7mgte, my car would idle at around 500 rpms for about 30 seconds and then jump up to around 1100 and rev there for about 30 seconds and it would just keep jumping around, my cel was on and the code was 51 (tps) so i changed it my code is off but car is doing the...
  5. 1988_supra

    car wont go in gear?

    hey sm i put a new clutch in my 1990 toyota supra 7mgte and when i start it up it wont go in gear and i tried reverse and all it does is grind but if the car is turned off it will slip in easily, i bleed the clutch several times nothing, also when the car is running and i put the clutch down i...
  6. 1988_supra

    plastic ring in tranny?

    hey sm i was putting a new clutch in my car today 1990 supra 7mgte and noticed were the throw out bearing sits a plasting ring sort of like a snap ring broken in half i went everywere to napa, autozone, lacavas, etc. couldnt find it anywere i need to try the dealer monday but does anyone know...
  7. 1988_supra

    bee r rev limtier help!

    hey sm i bought a bee r rev limiter i followd all the steps to put it and and i got nothing not even a light up, my supra is a 1990 the ecu pinouts i found for this was pre 89 is there any for post 89, did i just hook it up wong this is wat i did Red-(tried two diffrent things)B+ and the...