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  1. suprastroker88

    Grudgefest @ Sacramento Raceway June 23rd

    Me and a few friends are getting together and going out to the track to have some fun. We need more supras out there.Who's down to go? We're meeting at the track at 5pm. Racing from 6pm-10pm $35 to race $5 to watch
  2. suprastroker88

    7m bolt-on to t4 conversion help

    I have a Turbo Concepts tc70mm bolt-on turbo. I'm converting to a 2jz and wanted to see if i can use my tc70. I know the turbo is a p-trim. would i just swap out this back housing for this housing i found on atp...
  3. suprastroker88

    2jz noob questions

    im just starting my 2jz swap, so i have a few noob questions. is the injector resistor required to run usdm injectors? should i be run a stock usdm crank pulley or one of the driftmotion replacement ones? i know they say the underdrive pulleys are a big no no are electric fans better than...
  4. suprastroker88

    Once again.......... BHG issue

    So I got an initial blown headgasket. How? I dont know. But it didnt overheat, so I went the lazy way. It already had an hks 2mm stopper on it, so I just lifted the head and swapped out the gaskets. Started it up, and instant ::bhg:: So I took the head off, stripped it down, had it pressure...
  5. suprastroker88

    How much boost on a journal bearing turbo?

    So I was talking to a guy at Turbo Power, a turbo rebuilding shop in Sacramento, CA about rebuilding my Turbo Concepts TC70mm bolt-on turbo. He told me that because it is journal bearing, it would not be advised or safe to run beyond 18psi. He said if I plan on ever running more than that, I...
  6. suprastroker88

    Smaller intake cam for better low-end?

    I have a fully built 7m and it has 272 BC cams in the head. Would it increase my low-end power if I swapped out the intake cam for a 264 cam instead? I know some people used an NA intake cam sometimes but that was at lower power levels. I am shooting for 500+ rwhp but I would still like to...
  7. suprastroker88

    New CEA Billet 6266 and 6766 on a 7m

    Can we get some people posting some hp and tq numbers with either of these turbos on a 7m and list your mods? I'm looking to purchase one of these turbos this weekend but I would like to know what to expect and the only results I can seem to find are from 2jz's. where's the 7m support?
  8. suprastroker88

    Cut out during acceleration

    So I have this 1990 7m. During any acceleration more than about 1/4 throttle, it cuts out and jerks all over the place. It almost feels as though its not getting spark or fuel. I've changed spark plugs, wires, coil packs, ecu, afm, cps, injectors, and fuel pump. no luck. Any recommendations...
  9. suprastroker88

    Engine breaking up severely. HELP

    At idle, the car is fine. Between 2500-redline the engine breaks up and is super choppy. I've replaced the spark plugs, spark plug wires, cps, coil-packs, and reset the timing. I'n kinda out of solutions. Maybe fuel? Injectors clogged? Dirty fuel filter? Any help is appreciated
  10. suprastroker88

    1JZ-GTE VVT-i JZX100 vs. 1JZ-GTE JZA70 Engine Differences

    I'm sorry if this has been covered already but I wasnt able to find anything. I just recieved a 1jzgte vvti jxz100 motor in trade for a rebuilt 7m. I'm considering building it even though I really wanted a 2jz. But my question is what is the difference between the jxz100 vvti and the supra 1jz...
  11. suprastroker88

    What wheels are these?

    Can anyone tell me what these are? I picked these up for dirt cheap and the guy told me they are Works, but I'm not too sure. All I know is they are 18x8.5+35 in front and 18x9.5+35 in the rear.
  12. suprastroker88

    Ball Bearing VS Journal Bearing and size!

    I am in the process of buying my buddy's supra. The current turbo is a bit on the large side for me since I want a bit faster spool and I'm use to my sp61gt dbb turbo. You can check out the build on "thedave925" profile. He currently has a fully built motor with an old school Turbo Concepts t70...
  13. suprastroker88

    1jz Turbo Choice

    So I'm new to the world of 1jz. I'm in the process of doing the swap right now and I want to go single turbo from the start. I'm looking to make around 450-500hp and I want a setup that will spool pretty quickly since I'm planning on trying time attck next year but I also want to have ok top-end...
  14. suprastroker88

    Tuning + Upgrading

    I have a 7mgte that I have been slowly upgrading. SP61gt DBB Turbo RC 550s Lexus AFM 3in Exhaust PWR Radiator I just recently put in the RCs and lexus afm. It ran great for a about a week and now it seems to run a little sluggish. I dont have a wideband yet so I can't read my A/F...
  15. suprastroker88

    Upgraded Rear Axles for the MK3?

    I'm curious to know if anyone selld aftermarket rear axles for the MK3. I've been looking and haven't found anything yet. I will be drag racing my car and maybe getting into drifting later on and I want to make sure my drivetrain is up to it.
  16. suprastroker88

    Experienced NorCal Supra Owners

    I am about to swap from a 1987 turbo 5spd to a 1989 turbo auto. But I'm converting it to a 5spd. If there's an experienced supra owner around, can I get some help here? This whole neutral safety switch crap and reverse lights stuff completely confuses me since I suck at electrical stuff
  17. suprastroker88

    SWAP HELP!!! 1989 auto to 5spd from a 1987

    A few questions about this swap................ i have a 1987 5spd turbo. it has a bunch of electrical issues. so i was given a 1989 turbo auto shell. 1. Which sensors from the engine need to be swapped onto my 1987 engine so that everything works and plugs in correctly? 2. How do I...
  18. suprastroker88

    First Time Drag FAIL at Sac Raceway. NEED ASSISTANCE

    So I finally hit the drag strip for the first time ever. I made the mistake of running on my dinky 215s on sawblades. My first run was 16.9 because I had no idea what I was doing. I launched at 4000rpm's and spun 1st and 2nd and then finally caught in 3rd. My next 3 runs were 14.1. I launched at...
  19. suprastroker88

    My first 2 races in my new setup
  20. suprastroker88

    First Fresh Build. Won't Start!!!

    So here's my setup- Fresh Block .050 Stock Pistons Stock rods with ARP Rod Bolts Clevite Bearings Shimmed Brand New Oil Pump AZ Performance Oil Pump Pipe J-Tube Block Off Plate HKS 1.2mm Bead Type Metal Headgasket ARP Head Bolts Stock Head EGR Blocked Off RC 550cc Injectors 7/16...