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  1. suprastroker88

    not too much. wus good?

    not too much. wus good?
  2. suprastroker88

    ***SM member 1/4 mi. times list***

    Precision 6262, microtech standalone, fmic with 2.5in piping, 3in exhaust, worn et streets, bad differential
  3. suprastroker88

    New CEA Billet 6266 and 6766 on a 7m

    id be tempted to try it out if they made it in a non-ball bearing series
  4. suprastroker88

    Grudgefest @ Sacramento Raceway June 23rd

    Is everyone here that uptight about their cars. no one wants to join?
  5. suprastroker88

    Grudgefest @ Sacramento Raceway June 23rd

    Me and a few friends are getting together and going out to the track to have some fun. We need more supras out there.Who's down to go? We're meeting at the track at 5pm. Racing from 6pm-10pm $35 to race $5 to watch
  6. suprastroker88

    Guess my dyno numbers

  7. suprastroker88

    2JZ NA-T 475/403 on 6262 @ 17.4 psi

    can we get a video of this car doing a fuel pulls on the road? I'd like to see it at around 18-20psi on pump gas
  8. suprastroker88

    H&R vs Intrax Springs

    sorry for the late reply. i daily drive it. most of the roads i drive are somewhat smoothe. it is a bit bouncy on rough roads but thats just part of the game
  9. suprastroker88

    2JZ NA-T 475/403 on 6262 @ 17.4 psi

    glad to see someone else running the 6262 on a 2jz. Im finishing my 2jz swap and I was curious as to what kinda numbers i can expect. only issue is mine is a t3 with a t3/t4 adapter. The guy told me it was a t4 but when i recieved it, turned out to be a t3, tehn he never answered his phone again
  10. suprastroker88

    H&R vs Intrax Springs

    I have intrax springs. I love them. Love the drop, love the stiffness
  11. suprastroker88

    new from oregon

    Welcome to the world of supras! I'm born and raised in Oregon. Just moved to cali a few years ago. I'm actually thinking about moving back
  12. suprastroker88

    7m bolt-on to t4 conversion help

    that's what i posted up top on the first post. is that all i need to change or is there anything else?
  13. suprastroker88

    7m bolt-on to t4 conversion help

    I have a Turbo Concepts tc70mm bolt-on turbo. I'm converting to a 2jz and wanted to see if i can use my tc70. I know the turbo is a p-trim. would i just swap out this back housing for this housing i found on atp...
  14. suprastroker88

    Scammer Alert in Santa Rosa, CA

    what did he do? sorry to hear that man
  15. suprastroker88

    supra gtr?

    I dont see you getting your money out of it or even having that much fun with it. Seems like a waste of money, but at the same time, you would be one of a kind.
  16. suprastroker88

    what turbo are you running?

    sp61gt bolt-on by sound performance. thats what i had on my 7m and i was in love with it. spools almost as fast as the ct26 and its good for past 500hp. Sound performance actually just came out with a billet version for the same price as the original. I'd say that's your best bet
  17. suprastroker88

    2jz noob questions

    im just starting my 2jz swap, so i have a few noob questions. is the injector resistor required to run usdm injectors? should i be run a stock usdm crank pulley or one of the driftmotion replacement ones? i know they say the underdrive pulleys are a big no no are electric fans better than...