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    I'm back

    Been an very long time since I have been on this site. Took a 13yr break from the MK3's. Currently looking to another one. I plan on doing a full restoration. Stay tuned. :)
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    it's been a long time...

    sup fella's.. man on man it's been awhile. life for me has changed 100% over the past few yrs. got married, baby on the way, work at mercedes-benz full time and broke as hell. i've been trying to get back in the supra game for awhile. I really had to take a break, been messing with vintage...
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    need help with dirtbag roommate.

    here is my situtation. for the past 8 months i have been living with this total POS roommate. when i first moved to NC i got a 2bedroom 2 bath all for myself. this kid calls me and asks to move in. (another fellow student) he is the most worthless/ lazy/ unresponsible person i have ever...
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    malloy is striking back....

    well lately i have been laying low. my supra sold 3 weeks ago and i ahve been soo upset. i miss the booost, dyno events, racing, smokin v8's etc.... i'm starting a new career very soon and the pay is going to be great. i plan on coming back harder than ever and building a monster. 7m of course...
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    NEED HELP.. i glued my fingers together

    well this is a bit funny, but i was messing around with krazy glue and i got my thumber and index finger stuck together pretty damn good. is there any chemicals or tricks i can do to get this fix.. PLEASE HELP!!!! BTW... NO LAUGHING
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    THE CARNAGE.. not for the weak of heart...

    well here are the pics of the engine and damage. it looks worse than it really is;however;it still makes me sick... poor 7M.
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    My 7M passed away today

    I'm soo fuckin pissed. today while driving back from delaware to north carolina a fuckin rod punches through the block on the interstate. i'm just crusing at 70mph and BAMMM!!! I pull over and my fuckin engine is on fire. I caused this huge scene on I-85 SOUTH. I 'm talking fire turcks, cops...
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    found my overboost problem

    well, i made a thread last week about me hitting 35psi+ on the interstate. i thought it was due to the weather getting cold and air temps dropping; but it happened again. i took my boost controller apart yesterday and found a big nasty black piece of shit stuck to the lower ball. i have no idea...
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    i'm having a boost problem

    i think i know why my mph is a tad low in the 1/8 and the 1/4. i made some logs today on using the maft-pro and my boost is moving up and down on WOT pulls. i have my car setup for 26psi and i will see anywhere from 22-26. the car is not spiking and can't feel it. i had to review my logs to find...
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    some intercooler questions

    i have noticed that in the upper rpms i'm running out of steam a bit. at 26psi+ of boost i think the cartech intercooler is not cutting it. i have 2.5inch hardpipes, however the inlet out outlet of the intercooler is only 2 inches. is this killing my flow?
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    1/4 results.. need help

    well i drove 2 hrs to rockingham last night and the place was packed. i only got 1 run in and here is the results. 60 ft..2.2 1/8....8.2@94.92mph 1/4....12.4@120.28mph i'm starting to get pissed cause i wanna hit 125mph+ in the 1/4.. the car is running strong but the mph is not there...
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    I overboosted tonight..hope all is well

    So i was heading home tonight on the interstate and i wanted to do a real quick pull. My car is tuned right now at 26psi and it's running super strong. I thought nothing would go wrong so i drop it to 4th and slamed the gas, i look over at my boost gauge and it's pegged past the 2.0 bar mark...
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    back from the track

    well i just got back from the track and i'm somewhat pleased. i running on a 255/40/17 street tire and they totally suck for traction. i was running 25psi on pump gas/meth injection. my best run was an 8.1@97.5mph. :( i was really hoping to break 100mph in the 1/8. i'm getting soo close...
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    for those going to the tampa meet

    hi everyone, i'll be driving down from NC that friday. i should get to tampa about 9pm or so friday night and leaving sunday. i'm really looking forward to this event and it think it's going to be a blast. anyway i'm tight on funds and i'm looking for a place to crash for 2nights. i'm...
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    for those with a rattle in the trunk

    like most of you i get the annoying rattle in the rear trunk area. i installed new rubber insulators and still i get the squeaks. after doing futher research i found a TSB on ALLDATA reguarding this issue. the TSB states that the striker (latch on truck lid) is 1mm to big. it is 8.5mm from the...
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    where to get throttle body gasket

    other than the dealership i have looked all over for the gasket and i can't find it. i ordered one on monday from autozone and was the wrong gasket. anyone have a part # or place where i can look
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    new best mph..

    went to the 1/8 track tonight and i had a new best mph for this year. I hit 95mph on 21psi of boost. Car had an extra 100lbs in it, yada, yada, street tires, pump gas/meth ijnection. car spun all 3 gears down the track. FYI. when i hit 92mph in the 1/8 i netted a 120mph 1/4. :) with...
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    giving 600rwhp another shot

    tommorow i got a dyno appointment yet again. :) the temps are cooling down and the car is finally running good. i'm seriouly going to run as much boost as i can without hitting FC. I've been tuning the hell out of her and i have made about 5 pulls to 160mph with no problems. i'm running 1.5 bar...
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    my igniton system sucks.. part2

    So here is the deal. anything over 20psi and i'm machine gunning bad. it doesn't matter if i'm on pump, methanol, race gas, etc. i verified using all different fuels and i have the same outcome. i borrowed my friends ignitor and coilpack. Both are low mileage unit. my idle is get a bit better...
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    help with my igniton system.high hp guys step in

    well fella's i really need some help. i've been tuning my car on the freeway and it's pulling like a mother. here is my problem i can't run more than 22psi... 1.5bar... at 22psi the car pulls hard and fast.. as soon as i try to go above that i get serious misfires..i know with all this boost and...