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  1. Falken

    tax return...

    ok now that im bout to get my tax return im looking into tuning my supra... what would be the best route to go. i have a 1jz bone stock engine. i have a single 57 trim turbo kit from driftmotion. and 4 inch exhaust. thats bout it.... i will appreciate the feedback.
  2. Falken

    ae86 or mk3 1jz supra?...

    hmmm what would you guys prefer? mk3 supra that has 1jz or an ae86 4age with a headers and hks catback?
  3. Falken

    so ive decided...

    so ive decided... i want to make my supra light. first thing i want to do is get bucket seats. just wondering if i can get sum input on what brand of rails and seats do you guys have in your supra, i will greatly appreciate the input.
  4. Falken

    Steering stabilizer (shock)

    Ok i have a 87 turbo targa top supra, and i was just wondering if any of you guys have replaced your steering stabilizer or shock before? and if so where did you get it from? i will appreciate the feedback... goodnight.
  5. Falken

    steering wheel pics

    I am trying to get ideas for my steering wheel... plus what kind of steering wheel hub are you using. if any of you guys have any pics of your steering wheel/interior i will greatly appreciate your input.
  6. Falken

    Spark plug soak in oil

    I have a 1jz and my last two plugs were soak in oil. But only thing is that the plugs had oil on the tip of the plug where the spark happens. I'm hoping its only a valve cover job. I was wondering if the plugs have grommets. Or maybe something else is wrong :/
  7. Falken

    87 rack and pinion question...

    ok i been looking everywhere and i cant seem to find the dang part number or the right rack and pinion bushings for my supra. they are tore apart and dang car hits hard on every bumb on the side the bushing tore. i already have new ball joints and control arm bushing and steering stabilizer...
  8. Falken

    shuts down right when i press clutch in...

    Damn it, my 1jz shuts off completely after pressing the clutch at times... and my clutch pedal vibrates nasty. i havent gotten the chance to get underneath it, having 2 jobs sucks. but anyways i dunno what it can be... i just wanna see if u guys have a good idea where i should start to...
  9. Falken

    Gettin it sideways...

    Dang last night just did my first drift session and it was something else! never thought drifting was so much fun =) how many of you drift with your supras? and how is it going so far? ---------- Post added at 11:53 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:46 PM ----------...
  10. Falken

    Me drifting the SUPRA First time attacking a turn...
  11. Falken

    what if...

    ok guys, will i get more horsepower if i upgrade the injectors, fuel rail, and fuel reg. and turn up the fuel on the regulator? this is on a stock jdm 2jzgte with the stock twins...
  12. Falken

    delete stock 2jz bov

    is there a way to delete the stock 2jz bov? if so can anyone plz help me out, thank you.
  13. Falken

    stock bov

    is there a way to cut off the stock bov off a 2jz, im running stock twins, i installed a 50mm bov but its really quite, i think the twins bov is realeasing most of the pressure making it really quite.
  14. Falken

    fnally got them!

    Yay finally got them... starion wheels!
  15. Falken

    mk4 wheels vs starion wheels?

    ok guys i have mk4 wheels on my supra, and i want to try the starion wheels... which one would u choose? and are the starion wheels aight for racing?
  16. Falken

    Wanna go faster...

    Ok guys i have a stock 2jz swap into my mk3 supra with a r154 tranny. i have an upgraded intercooler and piping with a bov thats it. what can i do to the motor to make go faster... i alrdy have good suspension and hight with good fat tires on it to hook i just wanna go faster. Any opinions will...
  17. Falken

    mass air flow sensor

    hmmm is there a way to clen the mass air flow sensor... cuz i think i did it wrong =/ my supra was running great before i decided to clean it. my friend had a mass air flow sensor cleaner and i deciced to use it... well i cleaned it and now that i have it on, i have trouble starting it and when...
  18. Falken

    going home

    well i just got out of work... i turn on my head lights and they start to trip out, opening and closing, up and down my headlights are going crazy... wth can it be =/
  19. Falken

    Something wrong

    Ok guys my mk4 2jzge having issue, I step on it and revs up fast then goes down quickly too. Smells like clutch burning but not sure
  20. Falken


    ok guys sorry for being such a newb... what radiator coolent would u use on a 1jz with a koyo radiator? i used to have redline fluid but im in a budget what would be a good replacement for redline?