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  1. nitroneon85

    Supra t shirts

    Do any supra mania t shirts exist or does anybody make them. I was interested in getting some made and do a group buy if I got any interest from others. Thanks not sent from my iPhone 5
  2. nitroneon85

    Eastwood's fender roll

    Had a question if the fender roller tool is strong enough to roll the rear double wall lip on the MK3? Any tips or problems anyone's encountered. Thanks for your time. not sent from my iPhone 5
  3. nitroneon85

    Mk2 sunshade/spoiler on mk3??

    Anybody know if the large rear sunshade from the mk2 would fit on an mk3? Or if anyone knows the rear hatch width of an mk2? Our sunshades are too small and wimpy and want to try to get a giant one from an mk2 but have nothing to measure against other than my 3. Thanks for any help. Sent from...
  4. nitroneon85

    eBay special steering wheel

    Just got my eBay cheapo wheel on and I think it looks pretty good. Has horn and blinker cancellation still functions. Just wanted to show all. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. nitroneon85

    Any Shine Discounts??

    Are they any Shine auto discounts or promotions going on? Looking to get a full body kit+spoiler, and just trying to save a little scratch. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. nitroneon85

    Rear Add-ons: Spec A & B differences

    Was looking to get rear add ons for my 87 mk3. I searched google and various pic sites, I can't find spec A rears w spec B sides. Everyone that has spec A rears has matching A sides. Does anybody have pics of an A rear w B sides setup. Or any info if they're both around the same dimension on how...
  7. nitroneon85

    Heater problem NOT vsv issue.

    Hi there. I have an 88 N/A that has cold heat. I've searched all the NO HEAT posts and all say the vsv is bad and don't go into much more. My b;ower blows fine in all positions, not circuit. My vsv has vacuum an dmoves up and down freely and when supposed to. My passenger heater hoses are hot to...
  8. nitroneon85

    Steering hard all the time

    I have an 88 n/a and when I bought it the guy told me it needs a new steering pump, he had one that was used. I put on the used one with no change, yes I primed it, yes I bled it. My big question is, did the rack go bad from being driven with no fluid in it? Is the pump perhaps not the problem...