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    Star Test Only Smog in California

    Hello , Getting my supra back on the road. I'm in Southern California. I need to get a Star Smog test only. Does anyone know where to get a smog? Please PM me. Thanks!
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    1JZ ECU

    Hello Ya'll, I'm looking for a 1jz Ecu, do you guys know where to look beyond eBay?
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    Supra Walpro 255 Part Number

    I tried to purchase from Driftmotion, but the website isn't working for me. Anyhow, I couldn't find the part number to reference, is this it?
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    AFPR or Fuel Pump

    Hello All, While doing some basic maintenance I checked the fuel pressure and adjusted it to 38 with the vacuum off at idle. An increase of 3. I took the supra for a ride and car boosted and worked well. Next day I went to get gas and it felt like the car hit a boost leak/fuel cut = limp mode...
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    1JZ Power steering failure

    Hello everyone, I completed my 1J swap years ago. I drive it every other week. This week, I drove it 2 days in a row. From one day to the next, the power steering stopped working. By this I mean the steering wheel is hard to turn. The reservoir is full. There are no leaks, smells, or sounds...
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    I need a supplier/vendor for oil seals.

    Hello Gentlemen, Usually I purchase replacement oil seals from Toyota. Unfortunately, the seal I am replacing is on an aftermarket part(oil filter housing.) I'd like to pick my own size. Are there any recommendations out there for a vendor? Matthew-
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    1J build finished; Doesn't Start.

    I'm getting oil pressure and the motor is cranking smoothly. I have the 12V mod and fuel pump rewire. Anyhow I checked the relay for the re-wire. With the car in the on position I have 1 hot wire and the other two power wires are dead (the last one is a ground, so that makes the four...
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    Help me Identify body and wiring harness connections.

    Well, everyday I get closer to finishing this swap, but I'm having trouble locating some of the connections. Below is where I'm having trouble.
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    Flywheel bolts, FPIG or Loctite

    Hey guys, I'm installing my clutch and I'm re-installing the flywheel bolts. I can see that leaking is a possibility from the bolts. Should I use FPIG or Loctite? Thanks, Matt-
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    Replace Green Loctite or use FPIG on Oilpan Bolts?

    Hello gentlemen, I'm in the middle of replacing the oil pan gasket on my 1J. I see green loctite on the oil pan bolts. I've never seen this before. Usually, on my 7m, the bolts have been covered with FPIG. Should I replace the green Loctite or can I use FPIG? Thanks, Matt-
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    Side feed injector damage

    Hello gentlmen, Although this picture is blurry it will suffice. I sent my injector out to be cleaned and flow tested. The yellow/brownish colored portion, which has the screen connected to it has a crack. I only assume it is a crack, I have no clue if it's totally cracked. I'll ask...
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    ***Socal Caravan FRIDAY MORNING. OCT 3rd*** I'm attending show and shine, but I am not leaving until early Friday morning. Since there are caravans for every other day, I copied the template and hope to have some company driving to Vegas FRIDAY MORNING. Same time as the other...
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    Properly extending alternator wires.

    From what I read, I can not simply extend the alternator wires. The alternator wires read to be finicky about it's extension. How did you do it? How do you do it right? How did you route it? Thanks Guys, Matt-
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    What is the correct length union bolt for relocation plate?

    Hello everyone, I'm installing a full-flow oil cooling system, but have read in order to remove the stock cooler housing, you have to use a long 3/4 - 16 union bolt. I don't want to use the NA mk4 oil housing, I just want an union bolt. There are literal clues and snippits of...
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    Correct plumbing of an oil filter mount with 4 ports

    I'm installing an oil cooling system into my Supra. I used a oil filter mount similar to Gilsdorf. When I looked how the inlets and outlets were set, I figured that the oil hoses going in and out of the mount would be on opposing sides, but he mounted his on the same side. Am I safe to assume...
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    Fuel Pump Re-Wire, Proper Wire size and fuse type

    Hello gentlemen, I'm in the process of wiring my Walbro Fuel Pump and I am at a point where I need to make some decisions. I've been looking at fuses and relays for the fuel pump re-wire, the fuse type I've found locally was the Bussmann - ATC Splash-Proof Fuse Holder #12 Lead Wire, 30A...
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    Is this Intercooler still usable, safely?

    I received this intercooler along with my 1J at no cost, which is already a great deal. It does have damaged, but doesn't affect the intercoolers ability to hold pressure. It passed my local radiator shop's pressure test. My concern with the cooler is it's ability to cool air, without...
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    Is there an adhesive safe for body panels?

    Hello forum, I'm putting a impact resistant liner under my bomex whale tale to cover the areas where the wing contacts the quarter panels. I know 3M has spray on adhesives: a regular duty and heavy duty variant. Would these be safe? The most important characteristic of the adhesive would be...
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    1JZ Crossmember or Mount Adapters, Benefits?

    Hello Forum, I am doing my 1J swap and have an option to choose between using a 92 crossmember or mount adapters. Are there any benefits of chosing one or the other? Of course the benefits im looking for arent: one is cheaper than ther other or the time it takes to do one over the...
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    Titan Harness Bar Install, difficulty mounting.

    Hello forum, I'm installing my Titan Harness Bar with a small hang-up. The main bar fits tightly between the stock mounting points. So tightly, that proper installation would require me to trim interior pieces for the correct installation. I''m I right to assume that triming is necessary...