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    MK2 Steering Bushes

    Anyone interested in these,I am making up some steering bushes for a couple of New Zealand MK2 Owners. Thanks, Ronnie
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    Orange Poly Steering bushes

    Hello Everyone, I will be storing 10 sets of steering bushes in California in 2 weeks time This is to save time with shipping. Thanks, Ronnie
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    poly subframe bushings kit

    Hello Everyone, Is anyone interested in front and rear subframe kits for mk3 supra. I am thinking of getting an enegineering company to manufacture bulk supply of steel sleeves which takes up most of my time so M looking at numbers. ATM I am finishing off an urgent kit...
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    Tein HR cilovers

    Hi, Has anyone has used or heard of teins Hr coilovers.I have a used set and need to rebuild the dampers.The dampers are non adjustable ,but are height adjustable. How stiff are these compared to teins superstreet and flex?.I am trying to decide whether to overhaul these teins os go to...
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    R154 clutch options

    Hi guys, I am looking for a heavy duty clutch for my 7mgte R154 gearbox.One that can handle 400--500hp and drags eveynow and then. I have been doing research and really can't get any good answers.My budget is about $1000.00--$1200.00us dollars. Thanks, Ronnie
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    mk4 supra subframe bushings

    Hi, I make poly subframe bushings for the mk3 supra community.Does anyone know if there is someone out there that makes subframe bushings for the mk4 supra and if there is demand for these bushings. Thanks, Ronnie
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    poly subframe bushings

    Hi Everyone, Just to let everyone know that the poly subframe bushings that I make are even cheaper now that the nz dollar is only 0.52 against the U.S dollar. Thanks, Ronnie
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    mk3 suframe poly kit

    Hi everyone, I thought I would show everyone photo of poly subframe kit. Thanks, Ronnie
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    87 to 89 engine harness swap

    Hey Guys, I have decided to do a 87 to 89 engine harness swap for a 7mgte ,Is there any differences in wiring apart of ecu connectors. Ronnie
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    Polyurethane subframe bushings for the MA70 Supra

    Hi Guys, Finally polyurethane subframe bushings for the mk3 supras will be available in 2 weeks.I just found out that the mk2 supra subframe bushings are almost the same so I will making sbframe bushings for the mk2 supras too. I will post photos.Is there interest for these...
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    new suspension parts

    Hi guys & gals, Is there demand for spacers for suspension subframe?.I am making making a polyurethane versions and also in the making are polyurethane bushings for front sub-frame mounts. The rear subframe mounts will take longer to make becaucse it is more complicated...
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    poly bushings feedback

    Has anyone got any feedback on quality,fitment,wear so far of the poly suspension bushings I sell through suprasport. I also would like to know what are poly suspension stuff would people be interested in?. Thanks, Ronnie K.
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    metal head gasket thickness.

    Hi guys, What sort of compression pressure would I get if I used 1.5mm head gasket instead of stock thickness gasket. Thanks, Ronnie.
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    to4e turbine housing downpipe

    Hi Guys, I have had to replace the turbine housing for my to4e turbocharger.I have been told that downpipe elbow that connects to turbine housing is held together by a compresion ring setup.Does any-one have any photos?.Also Can I buy this turbo elbow and weld it to rest of my...
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    engine coolant

    After 5-6 years,my head gasket on 7mgte is leaking.I have removed cylinder head and found metal head gasket still intact ,but the coolant passages of the exhaust side of cylinder head have been corroded to area where the cylinder compression ring of the head gasket normally sits. I have been...