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    89 - 91 dash and carpet differences

    Hey everybody, can't seem to find this with a search... hopefully someone can verify. I have a 91T manual targa car. It was a former track car, so it's missing tons of interior pieces, and I'm trying to reassemble it with parts bought here and there. I picked up a lower dash (beneath the...
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    Former Grassroots Motorsports $2008/09 Challenge car

    What's up, everybody! So I was told by another forum member that I need to get around to making/updating a build thread, so I guess I'll start with the old one...
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    Lurker finally joining..

    Hey everyone, I'm Avi, I used to be a lot more active in the forum back in 2008-09 under my buddies SN Skipbarber, when my teammates and I built the Grassroots Motorsports Challenge car...