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  1. redrocco

    Carlisle PA inport and style show may 11th and 12th

    I will be there again this year in my black 1uz swaped supra. Any one else from supramania planning on attending? It would be cool to do a lunch or dinner meet up and photo shoot if any one comes.
  2. redrocco

    1GZ-FE - My new project motor!

    Well I finally found the engine I have been searching for and it was close to home and fairly cheep as well. The ultimate Toyota engine, the 1GZ-FE. Its the 5.0L quad cam aluminum block VVTI V12 out of a 2007 Toyota Century. It has a forged crank, 6 bolt mains, VVTI, dual timing chains, 48...
  3. redrocco

    Finaly pics of the swap

    I finally had both the time and a nice day to get some pics of my supra. Car: 1986.5 Supra NON Turbo (MK3) Motor: 1992 SC400 matched set Transmission: R154 with 1jz bell housing and bebop adapter Date swap completed: completed October (14 ? ) 2007 Location: Rochester NY, USA hopefully...