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    Panic time... 3" unrestricted Turbo Elbow.. yikes

    I have a LIPP elbow for sale. One bung of course.
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    Is there anyone rebuilding Wiring Harnesses?

    If your wiring harness has not gotten brittle by now, it will soon. I had connectors that were so eaten up the pins were exposed but they still worked fine. It's a good chance that if you are having wiring issues it is probably the wires and not the pins. They slowly deteriorate after years of...
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    TRD Shift Knob (Need a quick answer)

    Anyone know if this shift knob will fit the shifter of an R154 tranny?
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    AEM EMS back order

    I was all fired about having an AEM EMS installed and using the 2 step launch at the Supra meet the 18th but it looks like that's not going to happen. I have contacted a couple of places but they are all telling me the 87/88 units are on back order. I plan to be there and race if my AFM holds...
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    W58 Question...

    Also, look at the piece with the hole in it that the shifter goes through. This piece has 4 bolt holes in it and holds the shifter down in place. My W58 had 250K on it and had a very sloppy shifter even with "the big green truck" bushing, but I noticed the last time I removed it (and installed...
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    Hi Jay. Tried to watch you race but I was busy the first run. I didn't see you after that. Did...

    Hi Jay. Tried to watch you race but I was busy the first run. I didn't see you after that. Did you run a fast time? Did you leave after the first race?
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    Temp Gauge Sensor broke

    I was afraid I would have to take it off. Hopefully I can get to it with pliers. I don't think there is much room in there, but I imagine several people will have one lying around if I can't.
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    Temp Gauge Sensor broke

    My temp gauge sensor crumbled when I went to remove it last night leaving the threads and internal shell still in the lower thermostat housing. Is there any way to get it out? I imagine I'll have to replace the whole housing.
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    Rattling/Tapping sound coming from engine/tranny connection..

    Mine does this also, but only after it heats up. It did not start doing it until I installed a new Spec clutch.
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    Backfires when shifting

    I have the Lexus 550 setup and a Bosch 110 BOV. My engine occasionally backfires when shifting gears (normal driving), but doesn’t backfire when decellerating while the car is in gear. Would changing the decel setting on my SAFC II at lower rpm help?
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    What causes high cooling system pressure?

    I'll look at all these. I took it to the shop with no leaks after the rebuild to let them look at it. Immediately after I got it back, the water pump, the metal tubing flange that bolts to the back of the thermostat housing and the turbo hose were leaking. Fixed all those and a coolant line that...
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    What causes high cooling system pressure?

    The upper and lower hose pressure is such that I cannot squeeze them even a little bit when the car is running, or even a good while after it is shut off. I have coolant leaks appear in a different place every week. Could it be the head gasket? I had the block decked and the head checked out...
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    Import faceoff from Montgomery Alabama

    I saw Cheappower running low 11's without a helment. Track doesn't enforce helments?
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    I'm not sure how to go about adding and responding to friends lists or making avatars, so bear...

    I'm not sure how to go about adding and responding to friends lists or making avatars, so bear with me if I don't respond when I'm supposed to!
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    Sign in for Alabama Supra's rollcall

    Please include a pic of your car if you can. We recognize you by your car!
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    Sign in for Alabama Supra's rollcall

    Name: KPSupra - Keith Poe Year of car: 1984 Contact info: 205 903-0590 Email: City you live in:Trussville, Al Hobbies:Supras, enjoy playing most any sport that is played with a round ball (except soccer) + football, camping Upgrades to your car:7mgte transplant...
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    CPS delima

    Please pm me also. I need one soon.
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    CPS delima

    Had no idea autozone sells them. I think the oem cam position sensors are between $600 and $800.
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    CPS delima

    I would like to just buy a new harness and CPS, but I'm sure that would be over $1K. When it would not start, I would go and jiggle those particular wires around and then it would start. While running, many times I could open the hood and lightly pinch (without moving them) almost any of the 4...
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    CPS delima

    I've noticed that cam position sensors are getting harder to find. Seems there has always been one or two on ebay, but I haven't seen any in a month or so and mine just died. It was an ebay item and lasted about 2 years. Anyone know a good place to get a good one at an average price? I don't...